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Here we go again. Why do we make it so hard?


The free football sounds good, but if the takeup is really as low as the figures I’ve seen bandied around it simply doesn’t work.

It’s a good PR piece and easy way for the club to respond to any criticism on ticket prices, but if no one’s actually taking up the offer they need to go back to the drawing board and think of a way to actually attract more young people to games.


its a waste of time most kids these days wil not commit for a full season make it cheaper on the day.


Why not just do away with the free season tickets for kids and give free tickets on the day if collected by 2 pm… might be a few kids hanging round town who never committed to season tickets and fancy watching us, you never know they may even become fans.


I agree with that. The free kids thing was a really good innovation when we did it but as with everything it needs to evolve into something new.

I think under 12’s should be seen as an investment rather than a revenue stream. This probably equates to them being free for any advance purchase (season ticket or one off) and a fiver on the day (just to cover the need for parity with away fans).

Then 12-18 it should always be “footie for a fiver”.

Then 18-22 (plus full time students) a tenner.

I know that there would be scenarios where we could be tens of thousands of pounds a year worse off. A £50k negative scenario is less than 1% of our turnover. It won’t kill us even if that rather gloomy outlook were true and we could mitigate that by creating extra away capacity for large followings in the main stand. If the Police worry then that extra bit of capacity could be for concessions (accompanied under 12 and seniors only) where we make it clear that we impose zero tolerance to breach of ground regulations. This has the added positive of creating a better experience for those concessions too as I always feel a bit sorry for elderly and very young fans in the middle of large away followings who all stand.


And a free turkey for Senior Citizens each Christmas :grin:


My lad (20 years old) is at University in London and has just bought tickets for him and his mate to the Charlton game.

£12 each in our end from our ticket office.


What’s the crowd looking like today out of interest?

If there isn’t 5k home fans in today that’s one of the biggest scandals of the season and says everything you need to know about the present set up.

With sensible prices a home game on Boxing day is a ridiculously easy sell.


From the ifollow pictures it looks very sparse in the Asbo’s to go and the community stands.


Middle tier looks ok


5,069 today…


Bristol I’m sure took over 1k so you’re talking less than 4k home fans for one of the prime dates for a home game in the season.

Shameful from the club charging 26 quid in home areas today.

Worst thing is people know the high prices won’t even go towards the playing squad and January…


The so called Category A games have been a disaster for the club. I think we had about 4,500 home fans against Sunderland and less than 4,000 for the others including the derbies against Shrewsbury and Coventry and today’s Boxing Day game (haven’t seen the exact away attendance yet, but it looked around 1100).

The desperate attempt to rinse away fans in these games is just acting as yet another disincentive for people to come and support Walsall.

Our average attendances will be enhanced this season by some big away followings (Sunderland, Coventry, Pompey, Luton as an aggregate away following will be far far higher than the clubs they replaced in this division). But the “home” attendance has plummeted. A lot of folk seem to have knocked it on the head this season and the club seem completely oblivious.

Recent results haven’t been great but the abject home attendances are a far bigger concern. The club has lost all connection with its potential fan base and it seems to be sleepwalking into a huge problem that could end up in non-league.


£21.50 for an adult walk-up.

Ridiculous, compounded by one of the worst collective performances I’ve ever witnessed.


Yep, that turns people back from attending. Add in an extra fiver when an away team threatens to bring 1k + fans.

No seating ticket at Bescot should be more than 20 quid.


Funnily enough we played Bristol Rovers at home last Boxing Day too, there were an extra 700-odd people at that game, pretty big drop in the space of 12 months.


Any casual fan who did attend today would have been impressed by it costing a fortune to see a ■■■■ team and then not being able to get a drink on Boxing Day.

Top marks again Walsall.


With the ground 50% empty at the best of times, one questions the need for a category system


Just made my 13th call to the ticket office to buy a Bolton ticket, they have an amazing ability to cut you off, which I wish many times I could have employed such an ability when a customer was giving me a hard time!
All I want is a ticket… I have registered many times with the E ticketing system, same password/Email, just NEVER lets me in!
Do I have to drive down to Bescot perhaps???


Just get one in the home end, I’m sure they will welcome your custom and you’ll get through first time.


The Club need to employ a Supporter Experience Officer or some thing to deal with all this as it is clear that standards have slipped. It doesn’t appear rocket science to sort it out.