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Here we go again. Why do we make it so hard?


Funnily enough I know somebody that does this but at a far higher level than us :joy:


Just seen how much cheaper it is to watch Blues on Saturday than us.

Then I saw the Villa offer for their cup game.

Then I remembered why I started this thread with the comparison to Albion.

Why would any kid with no particular affiliation who fancied going to watch a football match in the West Midlands even contemplate a trip to the Bescot?


I got through this morning hoorah!..Sold out.


Could easily, most of my work colleagues are Bolton supporters, (not a happy bunch currently I can tell ya!) but when the eighth goal goes in I won’t wan’t to be amongst home support!


Yet another uncanny coincidence :smile:


Striker! 3k crowds! 4th Division!

Old Complainer.


Yes, even in Cheshire my friend, don’t we have supporters in faraway places? Keep digging that hole, you’ll fall into it one day!
Please AM come back on, all is forgiven!


And the core of teenagers that do try and support us have banning orders hanging over them for over celebrating the late Cov goals. I despair.


It’s just historic…at one time, the only stand we had at Fellows park was the “main stand”.The most expensive seats were the ones in the middle section of the main stand…but I would much rather sit in the upper,every time.


it is the best seat in the house but the atmosphere has been dreadful since the old Gilbert Alsop terrace was done away with in my opinion its not been the same since.did we really need to build that stand? i know other clubs like Scunthorpe and Burton didnt feel the need when they where in the championship or was it done with the usual thoughts of commercial gain and another suite to rent out?


Its been said on different threads throughout this site we need to get everyone that wants the old atmosphere back should get together behind the goals in the lower instead of two or three fractured groups trying here and there .

I know its largely been governed by season tickets being bought in different areas of the ground but that could be changed next season .

Its such a better place when everyone joins in and the ground starts rockin
I know not everyone who wants to vocally support the team can / will buy season tickets but the ones that do can , and then fans around them could be made up from match day ticket purchases


Football League has (had?) a rule whereby your ground had to be minimum 10,000 all seater after your 3rd consecutive season at D1/Championship level.

Just converting the lower GA to seating wouldn’t have been enough - it would have given us a capacity of around 9,500.

Building a simple single tier extension would’ve been possible, but wouldn’t have provided Jeff with a 2nd cabaret lounge. As usual the off the field activities were forefront in the planning.

As for Scunthorpe, they may not have spent 3 seasons up in the Championship from memory


your probably right but the whole thing stinks of commercial gain from Bonser as usual for me we are somewhere in the top 10 or higher in commercial income in this division yet our budget for the playing side was only above wimbledon last season.something doesnt add up does it?


I recon there isn’t a single ground in the league where a seat behind the goal is more expensive than a seat on the half way line.


We’ve got good groups of ‘lads’ in block 1, 3 and 4, central upper and middle. Its pretty clear that if we could somehow synch these groups up we would have a pretty good atmosphere at times.


Exactly. I’ve suggested to the club via email that this should be a top priority when considering a new ticketing structure. However, I don’t hold out too much hope…


Precisely where a safe standing section would help.


Would it?

Safe standing is allocated just like seating


If priced correctly, it would hopefully bring those different groups together.


But it’s been said before on here that those groups don’t agree with each other much. There was chat about one lot deliberately not joining in with anything another group started.