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Here we go again. Why do we make it so hard?


It was really handy that Jeff’s friend was on hand to help with that development too. I don’t think we had put too much work his way for while up to that point. At least not since his firm (Denglen) got the contract to build the Bescot and the supermarket on the old Fellows Park.

Then after undoubtedly lots of due diligence his new firm (GMI) won the contract to build the new double tier stand.

We’re lucky that Jeff has such helpful friends.

Source https://www.expressandstar.com/sport/2007/09/07/ex-leeds-man-on-walsall-board/


I was not aware of that detail, interesting.


Yep… don’t forget that we helpfully got a grant from the FL to cover part of that development. Around £1m IIRC.

Gilman must be ever so appreciative of Uncle Jeff. We keep getting these slices of luck and business keeps coming his way off the back of it.


Last year I was up in the Derbyshire Peak District for a few days - the locals running shops and pubs whilst chatting about footy and my teamsaid to me that Gilman lived locally, let’s just say he was not well liked !!


I dont wish to generalise too much here, but business owners like Bonser & Gilman, to get where they are, generally have to have little regard for people, concerns and feelings. Most large corporations are ran by psychopaths that will trample over anyone to get where they want.

Doesn’t this resonate with all of us as Walsall fans? The lack of communication, the feeling that we are nothing more than an inconvenience. And when we do protest, they stand and laugh down at us from their ivory towers within the stadium…

These aren’t ‘normal people’ with feelings that we can relate to, which is why normal people dislike these characters so much.


I always thought the name ‘Mr Bonser’ was suspiciously close to ‘Mr Burns’


''Exxxxxcellent Stefan"


Gordon Montgomery Bonser :joy:


I’ve booked tickets for Man City vs Burton on Wednesday. £15 behind the goal, £24 on the sidelines.

£15 to watch a Cup Semi Final and some of the biggest names in the world, and we pay north of £20 per game in walk up cost to watch Leahy.


TBH I can’t remember the last away I went to in league one that was below 20 quid.

Posh was 24 quid (26 on the day), Luton and Oxford similar (3 aways I’ve been to this year) so if the away fans are paying that price the home fans certainly are.

Should be more special offers though. Even Coventry where the fans are even more in revolt at Sisu did an offer not so long ago and got 30k through the gate.

This Category A game nonsense is actually one of the things that has firmly tipped me into the Bonser out camp over last 12 months. Has had a real negative effect on number of home fans turning out for the biggest home games of the season.


A friend of mine went to the wolves Liverpool game tonight, he paid £40 for 4 tickets (3 of the group were adults)


and there is the problem cheaper to watch 2 premier league teams than us for 4 people.ridiculous


Yep. The general view of psychopaths is someone rotting away in a prison cell,still thinking they’ve been oh so clever. Many do better than that. If they’re effective,they fake the conscience they don’t actually have. I’m far from certain, but it crosses my mind when he claims to be shocked about how unpopular he is.


Bet you wouldn’t get 4 premier league tickets for that money…probably 1.


I paid 22 quid for a PL ticket recently and there were seats for 20.


but that comparison is not fair. Firstly it was a cup game(I only paid £5 at Bolton and have done at home this season) and secondly Liverpool’s team was a mixture of flrst team squad players and youngsters…3 under 18s and it was always likely to be the case… I agree our current charging policy on match days needs a complete overhaul especially for youngsters but in making comparisons we should compare like for like.


That’s almost 2 for 40 quid…not 4…and even 2 for £40 is probably a special offer or behind a stanchion.


Let me think??? Where am I likely to see more quality ? A mixture of youth. Reserves in the red of Liverpool or the dross in the red of Walsall, it’s a difficult one😂


The point being that you can watch Premier League football for the prices we charge. Obviously 4 for 40 quid would be an offer of some kind. But we don’t charge that anyway.

And you’d do well to find stanchions in the PL. My view certainly wasn’t restricted.


Yeah but I don’t support Liverpool…