Hey DJ

Without it him, it’d be murder on the dancefloor!

One night, DJ will save our lives.

Bescot is my church
This is where I heal my hurts
For tonight
God is DJ


Hopefully, The Smiths don’t create any anxiety.

There’ll be panic on the streets of Birmingham though…

Hey boys hey girls, he’s a superstar DJ, here’s his goals!

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I was on my way home this morning and thought I had finally had a thread dedicated to your one and only funky! :pensive:


Well at least someone had a good result yesterday


How many of us have poked home after four minutes but failed to secure a satisfying result…


Or shot and scored early doors and then the rest has been a frustrating waste of time where you’re just watching the clock and waiting for the final whistle to end it!!

Could be worse. Could be the dreaded red card.

Last night a DJ saved my wife
From my grumpy heart