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Hitting the commercial stream


The best idea I have seen amongst all the various threads regarding our board is targeting the commercial side of the business when an event is on, as well as the football side on match day.

Who is going to want to go to see Dean Saunders speak while dressed in a tuxedo and having to struggle through a number of protesting Walsall supporters. The media will also be all over it. A hard job logistically and organisationally but defo worth consideration.

Now this would hit Bonsers revenue streams in every way.

Hurt bonser

Totally agree. We all need to turn up at The Venue events. Hit him right where it’ll hurt most. It’ll embarrass him, it’ll anger him but most of all he might just realise how serious we are about wanting change.


Great idea. Superb idea in fact. I’d be well up for this.


We’re all getting arrested, we’re all getting arrested, la la la la


Important to keep it legal but still make it uncomfortable for these suited, 10 chinned attendees lol. It can be done!


Oh no not again :see_no_evil::rofl:


no smashing windows or lamping security guards guys:wink:


and why not we get a smack in the face every time we go to the games …


Does that mean we would have to be off the grounds and just standing at the entrance to the road leading up to stadium :rofl: (stadium sorry i had to laugh )


I have no clue - but we could easily find out the parameters of what we can do and where.

Even if we are asked to move from an original protest site located by the suite we have still caused disruption and got our story out there. We can then continue further away if necessary.

Obviously this is all further down the line after discussions have taken place.


Just hire the M6 advertising sign for the slogan “Walsall FC paid £5.75m to build this ground, and then over £10m to rent it”.


Or pass the word on to all you know not to hire rooms or use The Venue at all. Try to get people to boycott it.


All we really need to do is mention it to Stu Spencer. He’ll tell us what we can and can’t do and as long as everybody follows that then we’ll always have the upper hand.


He’d probably allow that as long as we pay .


I’ve already held a very informal prelim chat with one of the officers at the game so they’re vaguely aware things may happen down the line. Obviously we will keep them informed.


Think they’ll hand out stadium bans like they’re sweets.


I couldnt care less. I’ve no intention of going to another game while the board is the same, anyway.


One for FSF Faircop on Twitter if so.