HOLDEN signs permanently

Great news in my opinion. This lad could be a really good player at this level


That’s great news especially as it’s a permanent deal :+1: UTS

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Absolutely superb business.

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Wonder how much the fee was ?

Great stuff. Quality and continuity!

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Great news. Fits straight into the settled squad and was showing signs of getting better and better. For a fee too which is a positive sign considering the circumstances.

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Made my day that. As one who saw the good things when most were slagging him off, I do my best to control my smugness. :sunglasses::wink:


Excellent news, a clear statement of intent by the club.

Brilliant news , he must of cost us 100k + ?

Really really great news

Real sign of intent from LP - especially parting with ££

I must admit, when we took him on trial, i thought he was terrible.

But at the end of last season, playing behind the striker, he was exceptional.

Brilliant signing, especially to get him on a permanent too.


Undisclosed and involves a carrier bag of scratchings, £ 500 cash and all you can eat for a week at the Fryatt Travel Tavern…just realised the leach didnt do the deal

Good signing though well done Mr PomBear/DC


You smug??? Never in a thousand years :rofl:

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When he came on alongside Hardy against FGR at home, I thought they looked the liveliest two players on the pitch, by some distance. Rory was patchy for a while thereafter, but it was always apparent that there was a player in there.

I genuinely reckon he and Adebayo will be shining examples, this coming season, of how patience and persistence with young players can pay off massively.


Here’s a story, I was in Manchester at Christmas and got talking to a young lad who was over from Ireland for the United game.

It came up in conversation that I supported Walsall and funnily enough he told me Rory was his best mate. He went on to tell me that back home he was rated very highly and also at Bristol city.

Shocked that we pulled this off , maybe Dean gave him a nudge in the right direction.

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Have to say this is a excellent signing and a real statement of intent for me as he was well thought of at BC and although at the start he struggled (partly down to DC using him as a wideman) as the season progressed he really transformed as a player and I think he could be the lynchpin to progress us back into league one.

He’s also right up Pomletts Street of lads who can potentially move for bigger cash.

I really like Holden, thought he was dreadful when shoehorned on the wing but he was one of ten other outfield players playing like a bag of muck at the time. He got some right stick, which he shrugged off.

After Christmas at number ten, he was absolute class at times. Not afraid to carry the ball through the middle. Makes me horny.


This is excellent news… let’s just hope he don’t get put on the wing haha… really started to show what he was capable of towards the end of the season

Well pleased with that.

Terrible player when initially played out wide, but when played centrally, was superb.

Excellent stuff, even better that he knows his team mates, and someone we can possibly make a tidy profit on down the line!

Really got a good feeling about this season.