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Afternoon all,

I love stats. I engorge upon them daily, feast upon numbers, spot trends and patterns (mainly to help with some of the footy betting that I enjoy).

I decided to have a look at our home form, just to see if it was as bad as I think it is.
I am presenting these stats without opinion, merely to stimulate some potential discussions. Make of them what you will.

I decided to look at our home form since the much vaunted 15/16 season to see what we have done then and since. Note - these stats only include league games, I always think cup games are a bit of an anomaly amongst these kind of things due to team changes and other uncontrollables such as giant-killings (not that I’m suggesting we are anything like a giant right now, more a gnome perhaps?)

Here is how the home form looks:

2015/16 - P 23 W 11 D 6 L 6
2016/17 - P 23 W 11 D 5 L 7
2017/18 - P 23 W 9 D 6 L 8
2018/19 - P 23 W 7 D 5 L 11
2019/20 (so far) - P 6 W 1 D 2 L 3

This is what the Points Per Game looked like:

2015/16 - 1.63
2016/17 - 1.65
2017/18 - 1.43
2018/19 - 1.13
2019/20 (so far) - 0.83

It is clear that we have a bit of a problem at home that started manifesting itself in 2017-18 and hasnt got much better. I was interested to note that since the beginning of August 2017, we have witnessed just 17 home wins in 52 games, a home win percentage of 33%. Bit rubbish when your team draws or loses two thirds of the games they are meant to have home advantage in, ay it?

Just thought it was interesting, and hadn’t seen any stats like this anywhere else. Up the Saddlers. Paul Hall’s got a massive head.


I have dragged the following statistic out on a few occasions, and you will understand why it is so memorable … in the season we finished 2nd (to Bury) in Division III and therefore got promotion to Division II (1961??) our home form went like this:-

Played 23
Won 19
Drew 4
Lost 0

Goals for/against … 62/20

The irony of that season was that we did lose at home in the 1st round of the F.A. Cup to non-league Yeovil Town 0-1 …


That is an incredible set of stats. Move over Arsenal 2003-04 (sort of). Probably the only time where that Fortress Bescot sign actually meant anything.

Fortress Fellows Park!! :wink:

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Just realised it was 1961 - duh.

Its pretty abysmal stuff though, I was however surprised to note that the worst home record of last season belonged to…any guesses without me revealing (it wasn’t us)?

I remember that year well…I think I saw all of those games.

Brilliant bit of statting, and a special mention for Paul Hall’s massive head.

Suppose the “home advantage” isn’t really that advantageous when half the ground is empty more often than not which probably doesn’t help - the family stand is always desolate in particular.

Interestingly those stats are telling in that we’ve never been particularly dominant at home, even when we weren’t crap! Really shows how good the away form was in the 15/16 season to do as well as we did.

Top statting, good man

After reading this thread and doing a bit of thinking, I came to the astonishing realisation that I havn’t seen us lose at home since 2007! Now I don’t get to that many home games these days, but there will still be quite a run of games in there. Maybe I should come down more often. On a completely unrelated matter, I also havn’t had a full week off work since 2006

I was watching the game (Salford) on ifollow and Mantom and Collins were co-commentating on the game. I asked exactly that., why do (they) think were so crap at home?

In my opinion (some of which you cant change):

The stadium is too big for our attendances. At best were looking at 7k and with the largest away following thats another 1500 - so 8500. The stadium holds just over 11k so at our best attendance were just over 80% full.
Bescot is in the wrong area. The area has massively changed - early 60s to 90s is was a majority of working class whites, now theres a lot of asians (nothing wrong with that mind). The white working class have slowly left the area and moved up to north walsall, some of their kids then became dingles and we lost future generations. Given that, for whatever reason, the stadiums new neighbours dont really go to football, these gaps werent filled!
The stanchions blow!
I think terraces (in the F2Go Lower) would bring back some atmosphere
Bring back the saddlers club - gives people a place to drink before and after the game!