Hot prospect leaves

Youngster luke Pearce has left the club after a compensation package was agreed with Southampton.

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That’s him playing Sunday league in five years then.

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That’s ridiculous if true

At least it’s to Southampton. There aren’t many (any?) better at nurturing young players.


This is not good news for our Club. Maybe the current financial situation was a factor. I hope the lad does well as Southampton have an excellent record of bringing on young talent. Lets hope the compensation will help DC get the players we need.

Agree Walsallone I think it’s terribly bad management or we are totally desperate for the compensation package

Just goes to show that we can’t hold onto a decent prospect these days with the premier league vultures dangling a few bags of scratchings for his services.

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We managed Rico correctly and got a good upfront fee (In excess of £1Mill) and potential add ons, what has happened here ?

Maybe we thought he wouldn’t go on to be the level of Rico and what Southampton offered was too good to turn down, especially in the current climate. We’ve had many of good young players come through to our first team and go on to have good careers, more than most at our level, so I trust that they’ve made the right decision but only time will tell

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Was he even ona pro Contract? If he wasn’t there isn’t a lot you can do.

I seem to recall he was given a contract last year but I am not certain however the statement mentions a compensation package which would support that.

Maybe it helped finance the deal for Holden?


Can you even offer a (then) 15 year old a pro contract? I’m pretty sure @latviancheese has got this spot on-Category One academies hold all the cards. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.


Lets be honest, as a 16 year old footballer why wouldn’t you join Southampton?.


You may well be right but the statement mentions a compensation package…maybe the money has helped with the Holden deal. Perhaps at the next working party our representatives could probe a little.

Are people seriously moaning about the club getting money in to finance signings during a pandemic ?

The first priority is getting promoted - unfortunately, if it’s for the sake of money for an untried youngster then so be it.



How can people moan, I bet the player would of been keen to move as the money and facilities Southampton have is leagues above us.

If it has helped fund the Holden deal then so bet it as he will be key towards pushing on I believe


It’s a shame we didn’t see him in a Walsall shirt but I don’t think we could do much to prevent this if he wanted to leave. Adam Lallana moved to Southampton as a 12 year old from Bournemouth who then got 25% of his £25m transfer to Liverpool. Let’s hope we’ve got something similar in the deal and he has a great career.

A compensation package is what you get if another club takes one of your players who has come through your youth scheme and is free to leave to go where he wants. He has never signed a pro contract with us so is free to go where he wants.
We will not have recieved a transfer fee for him. It’s a compensation package.


Yeah look at that lad from Sutton Louie Barry I think that was on the baggies books that went to Barcelona and is now at villa and I think Albion are still Waiting compensation