Hot prospect leaves

Barcelona signed him and didn’t even register him to play for their youth team. Bit weird that, he might have made a few quid but the kids potentially ruined his career

Can’t believe anyone is moaning about this - we will have had no choice in the matter, he’s decided to go, we can’t stop him, and will likely get ■■■■ all due to EPPP!


Under EPPP we’ll get sod all up front for him. I don’t know how long he’s been with us, but for a category 3 academy the fee is £3k per year from 9-11 and £12.5k per year from 12-16. That’s a maximum of about £70k.

There’s also a sliding scale based on appearances - in the Premier League we’d get £100k after 10 appearances, rising to a maximum of £1.5 million after 100 appearances.


Thanks for bringing up EPPP. Amazing how many people missed that.

tl;dr we already got compo through solidarity payments.

Yep, there’s literally nothing we could have done to stop this. The EPPP system is is set up, unsurprisingly, to just benefit those with higher category academies.

Even if we could stop it would we really be able to hold of Southampton for the sake of a thoroughly untested player? Can’t see it to be honest.

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If I am 16 and a Premier club comes knocking, I’m off.
It’s a tremendous opportunity for the lad, I hope I see his name in lights in a few years time.

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Great move for him.

Spot on.