How about a rent freeze Mr B!

I Guess Jeff B dos not read this site,but it he may be told about this so here gos:-

In the current times with all things being cancelled at Bescot, would it not be a great gesture from him to give us at least a 6 month rent free period, i understand that the pension fund may be difficult – but he could pay it out of his own pocket. (he can draw down some pension monies from it)-- Or better still just assign the lot over to the club. Over to YOU Jeff.
ps what about the hotel next door being used for health service workers as per Chelsea and MU hotels?

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Agree about the rent freeze but the hotel is nothing to do with the club or JB.

Oh yes it does, he owns the land

Not as I remember it. JB wanted to partener a hotel chain but they all lost interest.
As planning permission had been granted he finished up just selling the piece of land.
I could be wrong, often am.

Isnt it all controlled by Suffolk life? Not by the man himself.

No the land was sold to the hotel group. If you research the Annual accounts for some years back you will find a reference to the sale.

I dont follow it too closely but, with the government’s guidance on rent/mortgage breaks, can we legally get one? Or perhaps I mis-understood the announcement.

Not sure it would cover our situation but a good landlord would note that his tenant’s income had dropped and that he could not expect all his rent on a monthly basis.

This has been discussed at previous working party meetings on many occasions

There is the possibility of a rent break / free period
But in order for one to be negotiated, as tenants we would have. To prove behind doubt that we could not meet our immediate outgoings, and would have to provide a full income / expenditure. Breakdown to Suffolk life who are technically our landlords,

, we where always told club. Where Not prepared to do that. When bonser was owner,

It was a subject that was brought to table many times. By. Myself as I argued. It was having a detrimental affect on the club. And it’s playing budget

Under the circumstances we now face can’t see it being a problem proving that. Our cash flow. Has been severely. Depleted, and by the rent having to be met could have. Severe implications on. The future of the club

So as said if club wished. They could indeed request a rent holiday, And despite what many say bonser would have a huge say in if it was agreed to or not


Not sure how these things work but I guess Suffolk take a cut and probably a few other parasites too. If Geoff made a personal donation equivalent to what he actually receives then it bypasses the legal crap.

To be honest, If I was Geoff I would say ‘go swivel’ after the dogs he gets. But then again if we go out of business he would lose his cash cow wouldn’t he?

If and it’s a big. If club went to wall , ( Whichi I highly doubt ) it could be a gift horse to him ,

A tennant unable to meet its rental obligation would ultimately only end up. In. Eviction of said tenant

Now let’s say. The landlord knows his tennant can never be evicted. Whilst meeting its rental obligation
The prospect of a big final pay day is unlikely,

But if said same Tennant falls into. Arrears. , would said landlord bend over backwards to help, and forgo
A huge payday, Despite being. Said tenants number one fan. I highly doubt it

It’s the Bonser’s pension. Suffolk life just administer it for them.

Don’t tell Jeff the club going to the wall would be a good thing. He’ll be flying new signings in from Wuhan Rovers.

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I believe, with a SIPP pension you can withdraw 25% of the "cash " held in the fund. so this could be the rent money that has not been reinvested in other stocks or shares or other fund assets that have been sold off /converted to cash.
25% of this can be withdrawn as “pension” monies. :innocent:

You know, when Bojo or whoever made their comments about rent holidays etc I thought of Bonser straight away. (Whenever I see or hear the word “rent”, I think of Bonser). It would be a fantastic gesture and would go a long way to wipe aside some of the (understandable) vitriol that has been squirted Jeff’s way over the years.