How do you solve a problem like the DJ?

Our latest episode is all about one man, Danny Johnson.

We chat about whether he should be starting, if the system should be changed for him, and what tactics could accommodate the DJ.

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I look forward to listening to Rob and Harley discussing the saddlers and found this particular one worthwhile because there are so many ways of looking at the situation as regards DJ.
It was certainly food for thought when looking at how the team could be changed to allow Draper and Johnson to play together.
I may have missed it so apologies if it was mentioned but when the talk turned to the midfield I never heard Earring’s name and wondered if and when he’s fully fit where he could be utilised in order to accommodate DJ and Draper being paired.

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I have a nagging feeling that we may not see Draper in a Walsall shirt again. Hope I’m wrong


Think your right if the rumour is right Lincoln feel we have burnt him out.

Not sure I believe that. Lincoln will have access to all of his data and stats from every game and training session. They would make a judgment on his burnout from the data and surely would have some influence on whether we should play him or rest him. With the threat of recalling him in January as persuasion if they can’t actually enforce their wishes contractually.
If he is burnt out it is Lincolns responsibility as well as ours.

I don’t buy that rumour one bit. Sounds like the sort of nonsense started by WalsallfanTV.

Draper is back training with us this week.


They should have known about that in the summer when deciding to loan him out for a full season straight after a 4 month loan spell.

I don’t actually think he’s been used THAT much though, he barely played in pre season, then missed the first two games of the season with suspension.

In the first three games he was subbed off in all of them, then Sadler said he wasn’t quite match fit and needed minutes and since then he’s played another 10 games, completing 90 minute games just six times.


We do address this in the episode from some people that are a bit in the know, and it doesn’t appear that they are concerned about Draper


But didn’t he play for Drogheda all summer?

Edit. Think he was playing until June. Either way more rest than most of the Walsall squad.

Good, I thought he was still injured.

I had doubts about the ‘Lincoln being unhappy’ rumour too. Perhaps someone with a better knowledge of how loan contracts are structured could put me right, but if you loan out a player, are you not basically allowing the club you’re loaning to to use the player as they see fit? I mean obviously if you’re playing them wildly out of position or treating them like dirt, that’s a whole different matter, but if they get injured or ‘burned out’, it’s unfortunate but is it not just an occupational hazard?

I know sometimes the parent club will offer to pay more of the wages the more the player plays, as an incentive for them to get game time.

A lot of speculation about Draper. Also him going back to Lincoln is pretty standard when a player is injured which I think has fuelled some theories


Another good pod with lots to think about.

Also throw brewdogs black heart into the mix for the guiness v Murphy’s debate. Maybe that’s a pod on its own

I loved hearing that get a mention! If you like it even sweeter than Murphy’s, how about Oyster Stout?