How many (to start with)?


Not certain how many disgruntled souls we have on here but it would be very interesting to have an idea of just how many we could assemble for a forthcoming fans forum should we have more than 10 minutes notice…

If we all made a big enough effort (other commitments dependent etc) then I reckon we could send a very strong message to whoever represents the club at the next meeting…

Is this where our practical ‘collective’ actions should begin or is this too vague?


Good idea, let’s see how many on here would back and take part in any protests too, good idea to gauge the number here and then expand outwards!


If the club give less than 5 working days notice, no one should turn up.

We’re not playing by their bizarre rules anymore.


Depending on the date, if work committments allow then I hope to be there


Also a decent idea.


i’m in if it’s on a night :+1:


Usually are, they’ll make it 1pm on a Monday now


That’s ok i work in and around walsall so as long as i hide the van and cover my uniform up i will be fine :laughing:


Unfortunately living in Cardiff atm but when back in the area I will be joining in wholeheartedly. I’ll be supporting the protests from afar for now.


My son and I should be able to make it.


I don’t usually get involved in these things - but count me in


Never been to one of these meetings either . But we need change . So will do my best to be there .


Count me in, also my first ever venture into these side of things…


Same here, would be a first for me.


I’m in.


Maybe I’m being naive here but why not ask the club to do one on a matchday at 12-1pm? If the club refuse ask them why?

I see Dan Mole regularly on walkabout at half 2 going to his seat in the OAP stand so it’s not like they don’t have the time on their hands on matchday.


That would be great👍🏻. But no chance of that before a game. Would be seen as to much of a risk from a backlash from angry fans who then go on to voice there concerns at the pitch side.


Not pitchside but in a suite somewhere.

Club needs to be called out on more things other similar sized league one or championship clubs do without blinking.

Obviously ticket prices/categories and general state of facilities are things people are pointing out.

Oxford United did a fans forum (owner and Karl Robinson present) at half 12 before the Walsall game in September.


I think we should all turn up then have a mass walk out half way through singing “We Want Bonser Out”


Monday 21st starting at 7pm club have just confirmed