How much would an 86 87 home shirt be worth to you saddler fans


Hi all boro fan in peace here. I have acquired a home shirt from the 86 87 season in a bunch of boro shirts I have bought. What I wouldn’t give for a boro shirt of this era.
Any idea of value to any shirt collectors from your team.
I have posted pics on my Twitter. Any advice would be great.



Scarboro, Peterboro, Middlesboro?

Price variable depending upon answer. :nerd_face:


Middlesbrough LOL


What size is it mate?


it says youths


I have listed it on eBay with a starting price of 9.99.


Don’t expect too many offers for a “youth” size.
If you had the fivebellies edition, the bids would be piling in.


Seems that way with boro stuff too. Problem is that in the 80’s adults didn’t buy football shirts in even a 10th of what they do now. Size is very close to an adult small I would say.


This was my first ever replica top (well probably not this exact one!) that i left on holiday in Thetford in the Summer of '87. Never got it back and as a distraught ten year old had to console myself for a couple of years until i got my next one, which was one of the autoglass sponsored shirts. Mum burnt an hole in the front ironing it. Didn’t bother that much afterwards :smiley::smiley:


actually did we have an all white one (without the red collar)? That might be the one I’m thinking of :thinking::thinking:


i still have the red one :grinning: but alas it doesn’t fit me anymore :yum:


The only person I know who could wear a small adult shirt has just joined Bolton Wanderers on a three year deal. :grinning:


Nice shirt, great era to watch the lads, am sure someone would give £30-£40 for it


£30 or £40? Take off the noughts and I might be interested. Repilca shirts are such poor quality- they cost about a £5 to make and cost at least £40 new. I saw Man Ure’s 3rd kit shirt in a store in London (where most of their fans live!) on sale for £108. Joke!