How old do you feel now!

Well I noticed the reserves had a good win against Grimsby and also noticed Grimsby had Brandon Buckley in the line up .

Of course it triggered a light bulb moment and yeah after checking Brandon is the grandson… yes grandson of our Alan !!!

Now how old do you feel now !!


I first began to feel old when linesmen could have been my sons.I felt even older when they could have been my grandsons but a few matches ago we had the youngest looking linesman I have ever seen so he could even have been my great grandson!!!
However age is but a number and although a little slower than in my prime(I wasn’t very quick then) I still feel middle aged!!!

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Similar, in my head I’m still 17 but my body tells me otherwise, particularly after an hours gym session!!
Loved this saying in a book at a Garden Centre recently:-
“You know you are getting old when in a crowded room you catch the eye of a pretty 18 year old girl, who walks across to you and…offers you her seat!!!”
Sent me into a feeling of perpetual decline…not only am I going into garden centres, I’m still supporting Walsall after all those years of hurt! Still, Buckley, Wilson & Lightbourne, Jorge & the Millenium win have made it more bearable.


Last summer, I ended up in a cafe in North Devon where I worked during that long ,hot summer of 1984. I was going to tell the waiter that I used to do his job, until I realised- it would have been the equivalent of someone saying to me, when I was there, " I worked here in the summer of 1949." That made me feel old.


The mate who I went to see the Stereophonics with on Saturday with was in his local supermarket on Monday and the lad serving him asked if he’d done anything good the weekend - he said he’d been to the gig and the lad said “I’ve no idea who they are”! He felt old and when he messaged me, so did I!

I was talking with a pal the other day and he mentioned about women he fancied when younger who are now really old. I knew what he meant, Diana Rigg is 81, Felicity Kendal is about 73 or 74, Diane Keen is the same. Siouxsie, Kate Bush, the blonde out of Abba, they must all be in their 60s.

I don’t feel old at all, but there are many triggers that make me realise that I’m certainly well in the second half of my life, including plenty of the topics on UTS.

Me and the Mrs have been watching Life on Mars which is set in 1973. It makes me realise how long I’ve been around especially when my missus, who is a fair bit younger than me grew up in a different world a decade later.

Me and the missus where watching White House Farm the other week, which was set in 1985. We spent the series naming the make and model of loads of 80’s cars. I owned a couple of them :tired_face:

Is it a 1978 Austin Allegro, Tone?


Very good :grinning: :wink:

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Try asking the kids about radiograms, record and tape players and you certainly feel old. I remember playing a ping pong game plugged in to the tv. You moved a ball bearing on the console for the score! To do research for school work meant a trip to the library, no Google then. Who remembers calculators with what appeared to be red bulbs for the display? It’s only when you look back that you realise how things have changed.

What year was the NMFE Allegro? I recall it was brown, with a vinyl roof, but not the year. 1976 or 1977?

And ink wells in desks at school, with actual ink in for your fountain pen!!:grinning:

At least school exercise books look pretty similar as they did back in the 70s.

I can’t remember but it sounds about right.

For Christmas 1974 I think my main present was a calculator :open_mouth: I was happy with it too, when I went back to school in the January the other kids were dead impressed by it. A few years later I was given a calculator by my local garage because I’d bought four litres of Castrol or something like that. They went from expensive to dirt cheap within a few years.

As a kid our family had a party line for the 'phone with a woman a few doors down. It was cheaper I think. I tried explaining a few years back to a young 'un what a party line was, they looked at me like I was telling them I went up chimneys to clean 'em when I were a nipper. :crazy_face:

We had a black and white tele until I was FOURTEEN!!! Why Social Services didn’t step in I will never know.

I just feel old on a Monday when I realise I can’t hack a football ■■■■ up anymore without struggling for two days after it.

I can remember when I couldn’t afford a season ticket at Fellows Park …they was about twenty quid .
I can now, thanks to Mr. Pomlett.

Unfortunately I can’t remember how to fix the vertical hold on the telly. I’ve asked the kids and they’m clueless.

You start realising that you are no longer attractive to the opposite sex and they just ignore you. It’s just as bad when I go out.

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Jenny Agutter and Judy Bowker…mmmmm!