How to help generate an atmosphere

A little random I know but while watching the Leicester v Everton game and hearing those annoying " plastic clappy things " the home fans have used for a number of years , I find these even more aggravating than drums you here at certain other grounds would you agree ?

I know it’s upto the team to get the supporters going abit , but what do people suggest we as fans can do to generate a better atmosphere and get the players up for it ?

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There seems to be a distinct lack of atmosphere at most games these days we sit here watching quite a few games including the one your on about by the way and I always say “it’s a bit dead in that ground aye it” or “god it’s quiet there” it’s a tough one isn’t it I think the build up of a game helps walk on music etc etc but even that only gets you going for the first 5 minutes of a game but ultimately it’s up to the players to get the crowd going in my opinion.


Put something decent on the pitch and the atmosphere will sort itself out, and the other problems facilities,beer ,pies, tickets etc will not be so problematic


The biggest atmosphere killer for me , not just at the Banks’s but all around the country is the all seater stadiums .

I know some grounds still manage to make a whole lot more noise than we do , but i’m convinced it’s the one most likely to kill an atmosphere , after a bad team performance that is of cause .

I really believe if we could just get standing sections in the two lower middle sections at the Banks’s we could get the place bouncing abit

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I agree all seater stadiums did change the atmosphere on a match day wasn’t there talk of “safe standing” being bought back to help improve the situation??


I think you need some good build up and walk out music… But it annoys me especially when we have a decent crowd in that the music is played loudly right up til the ball is kicked off and so not being able to hear both sets of supporters.

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Keep paying our money and hope the players get us up for it. They’re paid to do it, we’re paying to watch it. They should be able to get themselves up for it and get us up for it with exciting better football!

Anyway on about generating a good atmosphere if Leigh Pomlett came out and said if I get 5000 Walsall fans at home in the next 10 home games not including away support so that’s just Walsall fans and he said he would sack Darrell Clarke if this was achieved do you think we would get the required figure turn up??

I think they need to change the music they are playing anyway … alot of the walk on / build up songs are the same as before

As proven many games when players up the tempo and give a bit of fight for the shirt the fans rise too the occasion!

But when your sitting watching utter bore dribble there is never gunna be any atmosphere

Couple all that with the fear around the club its a recipe for a complete and utter library


The Chairman has changed , the Manager has changed , the team has changed …BUT has the behind the scenes changed


Right now as a fan

It feels like nothing has changed! Same ■■■■ football with differnt players

Even behind the scenes seem like nothing is changing, just the very basic stuff on and off the pitch fail all the time.


True , very true and until we get the full facts about how much our new Chairman pulls the strings behind closed doors , and how much he has had to hand over ( and still may have to hand over ) to that blood sucking number one fan will we start to see what kind of mountain he and us as a club will have to climb.

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Simply needs a better product on the pitch. Around top 6/7 and atmosphere would be better if not hostile to opposition.

It’s just a different generation now compared to 70s, 80s. Many more families and of course the young who wait for stuff to happen on the pitch and want to video large chunks of the game for their youtube channels.

I’d like to see safe standing behind the goal back as Shrews have done but it will never be large unregulated terraces you had back then and I wouldn’t want them but still choice should be given.

Edit: Said it before aswell but the huge amounts players earn at top level has always created a disconnect between fans and players you wouldn’t have got say 30 years ago and that makes things more toxic when any team goes on a poor run. Filters down to this level even though the players wouldn’t be on much more than an I.T specialist.

The bad old days of Barnwell get mentioned on here often. Interested how good/bad the matchday feeling was in that season.

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I used to hate that dirge they’d play right up to kick off which sole purpose seemed to be to get people manically clapping.

Other week v Cambridge and they did actually read the line up instead so that’s a bit better, well until they get to Gaffney’s name!

That’s what i’m suggesting , just a couple of blocks standing behind the goal so fans that want to be a bit more active with their support can , and if fans prefer to sit they can , either side of these blocks if they want to be behind the goal , or where ever they want

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It has changed , it’s worse

In teams of what we see on the pitch i agree it very poor and the odd game we think we do ok is all it is is “ok” and helped by the other team not really having there best day…

Off the pitch seems the same old ■■■■, everything that can be ■■■■■■ up seems too be, LP has a huge job too overhaul this club and he isnt gunna achieve it in any short period of time but i would of thought just the basics he must come across the same as us would of been dealt with by now, which then leads me too think how bad other aspects of the club must be if these basics things are even right.

Some one said it perfect before…A turd is a turd no matter how much you polish it, And we as fans and the club are all out of pledge too keep polishing


That was me mate …
Regarding our new trainers working with the forwards we have

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