Ian Holloway


A new development …



Yes please. Bloody love this bloke and he is saying the right things already, we are a long term project.

Come on Jeff, get on the phone straight away



I can imagine the call

“You want how much?..:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:…Bye”



Get him in right now.

He’d bring back a feel good factor, but more importantly he has said he wants to do all the things the boards statement wants to do as well. Ticks every box.



A real sign of intent if the club go out and get him and provide him with the necessary financial backing.



This guy could be the best thing to happen to WFC since Sir Ray and what he is saying regards a project, development etc is fantastic and just what is needed, but in all honesty because of what he is saying good old Uncle Jeff knows that this will cost so don`t think he will even be invited for a chat and a cuppa. (Sincerely hope i am wrong)
Not long ago we had all of this with Dean Smith and just because he left, the club were quite happy to see the lot chucked in the bin and is a massive reason why we are where we are today.
It would take a huge amount of ambition, forsight, and investment to resurrect this club back to even where we were under Smith, and good old Uncle Jeff would have to have a complete reversal of all that has gone before.
Bonser needs to show he really is our No.1 fan by stop ■■■■■■■ about and seriously put the whole caboodle up for sale at a reasonable price as surely he has made enough out of WFC by now.

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I’ve never, until now, considered Holloway a remotely realistic prospect.

This would have the feeling of a Chris Nicholl-esque appointment.



Not a link that seems impossible

Holloway has links in to the Walsall Contingent currently working at Cov City … through former team mates and mutual friends … I wonder if this is what’s strengthened the link !



Would be a great way for Jeff to get everyone back on board, to an extent, but sadly he hasn’t the foresight, nor the will.

Can’t see him and Holloway getting along either.



The blokes as good as said come and get me, if his phone isn’t ringing at 9am this morning there is something seriously wrong.

This is Bonsers golden ticket!



Would be an excellent appointment. His teams play fantastic football, he wants a long-term project and seems like a pretty loyal guy.

If Jeff Bonser has got anything about him, get on the phone pay him what he wants and actually show we’re serious about competing in League Two!!!



Summed it up perfectly Prince, get a grip folks! Bonser and Holloway would never work together, Holloway would be in Bonsers, Gambles and Moles face everyday telling them they were a waste of space, he’d be right of course, but they like an easy life, nice story for the Excuse and Star to fill the back page space🙄



I think we also have to be aware that, at this stage of the season, a canny, out of work manager is going to put out a story like this to stoke up interest from other clubs, most likely at a higher level. It would certainly be an interesting appointment though. Wasn’t he the manager who got demontagnac playing in the premier League?!



Sadly this has entered into my line of thinking too.



Holloway would be the perfect appointment would really lift the whole club. Get bums on seats. Create a place where we all enjoy going to watch the saddlers again. Over to you Jeff push the boat out. Throw the dice.



I did think this. Just as The Daily Star (not the most reliable I know) linked us with Askey at Vale. Askey’s agent also got his name linked with Oldham. Common tactic, but let’s hope that Holloway is doing it for the right reasons.

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C’mo Jeff - do the right thing and show some intent :roll_eyes:



The last Bristolian to manage us didn’t do a bad job I seem to remember !! :thinking::grin:



Club need to go all out to make this happen if Holloway is serious

Would be the perfect appointment; proven track record, passionate, understands the fans, plays decent football and most importantly he could do the club the world of good in bringing fans back together at a time like this

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Pie in the sky again for me, no way will Jeff want to work with such an outspoken manager, nor will he want to pay his wages!

Never gonna happen in a million years. Next…