If not Mickey then who....?

  • Paul Lambert
  • Nigel Adkins
  • Sam Ricketts
  • Karl Robinson
  • Dave Artell
  • Sol Campbell
  • Jim Bentley
  • Keith Curle
  • Phil Brown
  • Paul Tisdale
  • Mickey Adams
  • Jim McIntyre
  • Graham Alexander

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Looking at the list of out of work employees with LMA, whose last job was in L1/L2/Scottish top 2 divisions. Assume we would need to appoint someone with experience given the lack of any structure beyond Flynn and Hatswell and the need to hit the ground running with recruitment and assembling a competitive squad for next season.

Is there an option for ‘anybody but these’?


We either need a stafflers option or for once in our life, go and poach another successful manager to do the job right in the first place instead of all this false economy bollox


:black_medium_small_square: None of the above


That’s what I like :man_facepalming:

I guess we’re expecting Guardiola to quit City for the best club in the world, eh?

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Any alternative realistic suggestions?

Vivash with experience alongside him

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Matt Sadler?

Not good enough for me :grin: :wink:

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We are about to find out over the next 3 games!

We tried the former hero Keates
The man with promotion record Clarke
The up and coming coach Taylor
The man who knows the division Flynn
All failed i aint got a clue who next lord help whoever he is


That’s the one to get us up :grin: :wink:

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He’d only fail.

Nailed on disaster

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Nathan jones for me

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I am definitely not woke or politically correct … but what about a female coach. It would be something different and might even work!!!

I really haven’t a clue who to go for. May be some untried diamond who goes on to have a successful record breaking managerial career after his first job at Walsall.


People need to step away from names and bookies lists

The best we’ve ever are the ones we never heard of


One of the best coaches in Europe he’ll have you know.

Whatever we try and do it doesn’t work anyway :rofl: just would like someone in fairly sharpish so they get their season in before inevitably being sacked

I remember moans and groans when Richard Money was announced.