If Saturday wasn’t disappointing enough

As if the injury time equaliser wasn’t bad enough. This is what appeared on my bank statement after buying a pint ….


Same for me :frowning:

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I’m picking staff hacked the terminal.

Well if paying £4.30 for a pint is their idea of a “good matchday experience”, I know of countless pubs/clubs you can get an even better experience and the £1.30-£2.00 you save on each pint you can use to get a taxi to the game. :+1:

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Where are these £2:50 - £3 pints to be found Sid.

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I had same last year I brought a pint in pop up bar under the stadium agains Swindon.
It appeared on my bank statement the same.

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BCA, Railway club,Wetherspoons are all cheaper than £4.30 a pint.

Don’t want to moan too much as we seem to be moving in the right direction on and off the pitch but ffs change the name of that suite to anything other than that of the most despised man in Walsall.


Not been out much lately Sid? :smiley:

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I went to Wetherspoons and BCA a couple of weeks ago, and to answer your question I very rarely go out JUST for pint😀

You can still get a pint for well under three quid at Wetherspoons in Swansea.

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I can understand Wetherspoons on price, as it is always cheaper than anywhere else. Not my type of boozer though.

Railway club is cheap enough but the beer is pretty mainstream stuff. No premium ales but a good atmosphere before the game.

I’ve never been to The BCA but intend doing so this season. I’m amazed that quality locally brewed beers are under 3 quid a pint. Generally around 3 and a half in the real ale pubs I frequent and 4 and a half plus for premium keg and lagers.

Most pints in the BCA are £3-£4.


The Potters Wheel?
Has it been upgraded to a dive yet?

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THink your going to be disappointed when the bronze statue goes up outside if they take one of the old player’s ( forget who it was ) suggestions

Chris Marsh I think it was

I had Farmers stout in the BCA just before going to the Hartlepool game and it was just over £3 I think.

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I went to watch the T20 womens commonwealth cricket final at Edgbaston - their prices started at £7! and you had to leave a “deposit” of £1 on a plastic cup!

Exactly. You can’t really compare prices at sporting events with pubs and clubs. Have only bought drinks at events somewhat above league 2 level but compared with upwards of £6 at Edgbaston and £9.50 at the Commonwealth games £4.30 seems ok. For every social club and Wetherspoons there are plenty of pubs round Walsall where you’d pay more for a pint. As a matter of interest when did it become an essential part of a two hour trip to a football match to have a beer. All day cricket and a day at the races I understand but if you don’t like the price have a drink afterwards.