Ifollow abroad

Hi All,

Currently on holiday in Menorca & want to watch tonight’s game, got ifollow login but can’t get it to work, any ideas?

Some of our regulars overseas might be able to tell you better, but the once I used it abroad (the one and only time I wasn’t actually at the game) it didn’t do anything until just before the game started.

Cheers Andy, struggling to find where to buy a match pass! Not sure if it’s because I’ve got a UK registered account & I’m abroad?!?

I used it last year for the rearranged game against Charlton when I was in Madrid (don’t ask!) - worked fine for me.

I regularly use it in Spain. Costs 6 euros for the match pass. Just log in as normal and select match pass (which is probably what you have done)
I’ve just had IPTV Installed so can now watch it on the telly but still keep ifollow as a back up in case of satellite issues which occur from time to time on the system.

Might be me being a bit thick, but when the page loads that gives the option to either login or register, I enter my email and password then the login part of the page disappears, the register for new account remains and I’m not logged in. Trying to login on my iPhone in Safari, can’t see where to buy a pass in the app.

Try downloading the Walsall FC app and give that a go.

Just got onto ifollow Walsall on my iPhone (UK number) match pass option for a tenner.

Six euros if I log on with my Spanish WiFi account.

RIP off Britain :wink:

Cleared my cookies and tried to login again, this time it worked! Cheers all!


I don’t think that you can watch the match through 4G.

When I was abroad I had to find an internet cafe (and there are not so many of those nowadays) with WiFi.

Streaming ok on the hotel WiFi :crossed_fingers: Hope it’ll be worth it! :joy:

Was it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It certainly was! :+1: Performance was better than previous games, but the result was the most important thing and hopefully it’ll give them confidence now for Saturday.

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