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As expected with the Covid restrictions being removed, looks like iFollow will be reverting to the old format of UK based fans not being able to watch otherwise untelevised games played at 3pm on a Saturday - https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/efl-ifollow-changes-protect-attendances-24490150. Streamed audio will be available but not video.

Those who are or will be overseas should still be able to access these games but not those in the UK - or rather not those who appear to be in the UK from their detected ISP. The way round it (if you really do want to watch a game on iFollow rather than be there - and I know there are a few posters on here that don’t have the option) is to set yourself up a VPN on your device and pretend to be abroad.

Which VPN app to go for depends on what platform you will be watching the games on and whether you’re only interested in using a freebie or are prepared to pay for a more reliable service (especially if you want to use it to access other things than just our games and so need a bigger data allowance than the free ones give you).

When necessary I have used Windscribe and also Melon (both free but restricted monthly bandwidth) for the odd game on my Android mobile and Amazon Firestick and they were both OK. I’m sure there will be plenty of other recommendations. You should be able to find plenty of offerings on your device’s app store or by a quick Google - but do a bit of homework before signing up as some are better than others!

Whichever one you go for the process will be pretty much the same - install the app, then sign up for whatever level of account you want. When you want to buy a game, fire up the VPN before loading whichever app or browser you are using to access iFollow, then pay for it (NB you will be charged in the currency of whichever country you appear to be in at the time). Do the same when the stream goes live to watch it**.

Being an “overseas” customer I believe you will also get the chance to sign up for video season tickets at a substantial discount on game-by-game and monthly passes - which might work out cheaper if you intend to be watching several games this way.

** I think there is a restriction that you have to watch games from the same country that you subscribed to them from - i.e. if you paid for a game while connected through a VPN server in the US then you will also have to watch the game over a US link too. I think this only applies when buying single games and not for season tickets but I’m sure others will correct me.


Thank you very much for this, Andy. It was great last season (in one way only, as I am about to describe) insofar as I could watch all of Walsall’s games instead of just the odd one within striking distance of Swansea! So, I’m disappointed that this might be denied to me. Your advice seems sound - but I can’t understand most of it! Is there anywhere I can get step-by-step instructions for IT idiots to achieve the goal - watching The Team on a regular basis? I might even get a “season ticket” if the discount is good enough. Just to give you a flavour of my expertise, I don’t know what a VPN is and I really wouldn’t know how to select the “best” one. Which is the “best” country to choose? Is one country a better “signal”? Is one country cheaper than another? Does WFC get more cash via one country rather than another?
Basically, what I need is simple, step-by-step instructions giving “recommendations” about what to choose and making few or no assumptions about the knowledge and expertise of the recipient. Can you point me in such a direction?

Already sorted mine. Hope to get to a few home games though now my UK base is back in yam yam land.

A friend tells me that he is a big fan of NordVPN and spends most of his time in France.


Windscribe is great for a free one does melon give you more than 2gb?

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You’re welcome @SWS1.

The problem with trying to give instructions is that there are too many potential variables to cater for every situation that any particular individual might have, and however low level you think you are going (without insulting the intelligence of those who are IT savvy) you will still be going over the head of others for whom it is totally alien.

But if you or anyone else wants a bit more help then I’m happy to provide it if I can (no promises). I’m sure others on here will be too. Would it be better to do it in this thread or by IM?

Whatever, will have to be after tonight as I’m a bit busy right now with some other match going on … :grinning:

Im confused as i never used the Ifollow before last season.

So its not every away game we can stream normally then? Just mid weekers?

Yes - all games played at 3pm on a Saturday (home or away) will NOT available to UK-based streamers. That’s why you need to use a VPN to appear to be overseas to watch these games on iFollow. Midweek games are available in the UK - so long as not being televised.

This measure was temporarily removed while fans weren’t allowed into stadiums unrestricted but has been reintroduced on the assumption that we will be back to normal from Monday for the upcoming season.

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Got it. Makes sense i guess, I’m all for protecting the attendances.

Although i can quickly see away fan travel curtailed so we will see…

You want to get anything done in this country you’ve got to complain ‘till you’re blue in the mouth’.
Purchased Packages
Video Season Pass 20/07/2022 ACTIVE
Nearly three weeks, nearly 40 mails later, but it seems it’s ok now. Damn, that was long.

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Whatever you do, don’t get fooled into buying a “rolling” monthly subscription with these shysters.
If you forget to cancel at the end of the season, then they will just keep on rolling it, even though they are not providing any new content for your money.
The ultimate in inertia rip-off merchants.

The season video pass is my match day experience on Saturday afternoons and Tuesday/Wednesday evenings. It gets more expensive every year and it’s cost I’m more than willing to participate in.

Isn’t it the same price this year as last year? Mine is.

I think it has more the do with the exchange rate (Dollar to Pounds) than ifollow increasing their pricing.

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Yes, mine is about the same. Very good value given what we get.

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