IFollow for saturday

working fine for me

I have had the same trouble when using chrome on my laptop but using microsoft edge is superb no probs since

Ah, I am on chrome. I’ll try edge and see if it is better!

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How do we get WM commentary instead of Bradford?

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So I have changed to a different laptop and Microsoft edge and signed in. I have a static advert for utilita with a picture of a mobile phone on the screen. Others getting that too?
Still got the buffering white wheel in front though.

If you’re using the app there should be a settings cog in the top right corner. You can change the commentary there.

Keep trying and persisting, it should come through eventually. Refresh the page a couple of

I’m getting that too. It seems to happen for all the away matches - I just get a static picture until about half time, then I get the proper stream after that. It’s always worked fine for the home games.

Thanks Longdogs, not using the app. Going thru’ the official Walsall FC site, can’t find a settings cog.

yep, same here - settings seems to be missing tonight…

Refreshed and it works now- thanks!

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All good. Never had a problem. Either jammy or unconsciously competent.

Google Chrome on a laptop are my winning combination.

It’s in the bottom right hand corner next to the full-screen button.

not that I work in IT, I switched it off and back on again, and now have WM but still no audio settings… I’m not risking losing it now though :smiley:

Refreshed and is now working. Got our own commentary too so that’s good (Or would i prefer 2 Yorkshire men?!!)

It does usually default to us so you only have to switch it if you want the other side’s.

Yeah, i used chrome on Sat and it worked perfectly. Seems to be okay now so all good now.

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Kit looks amazing :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


I checked the setting cog and it was on away, yes.

■■■■ me the corners are to long now :man_facepalming: