iFollow total's Announced

Wow those figures are pityful and in the current circumstances if it carries on i really fear we are not going to have our club for much longer!

300 bought for Grimsby! I know 2000 more were handed out but that wasn’t extra income into the club.
£3000 per home match really puts the club in dire circumstances, the governement need to make a fast decision and let fans back into grounds…and or sort out some help!

We also have a cancelled match this Saturday so another loss for cashflow.

📺 We can now confirm how many iFollow passes have been sold for our recent games against @HarrogateTown, @officialgtfc and @Official_BRFC

👉 https://t.co/KI9DeZ2lGn pic.twitter.com/KZlDKCU6UC

— Walsall FC Official (@WFCOfficial) September 25, 2020

Not surprised to be honest.

Don’t forget many who attend games in small groups (2s or 3s), wouldn’t be paying 2 or 3 times.

Like I said on the other thread, the only way to guarantee the survival of the football league through this crisis is for the Premier League to step up and pay.


Actually less then £3000 as we only get £8 of the £10 fans pay to iFollow - so more like £2400.


I thought we’d shift a few more. The 1500 Leigh wanted for Harrogate was always optimistic.

I’m not sure what the club could do to shift more passes. If they made it a fiver they would only make £3 per pass so would need to shift lots more to make it worthwhile.

I’m also surprised

If folks won’t pay to watch the team, then it doesn’t bode well for when the begging bowl comes round.

Are we really surprised? The ones we have are great and will do anything they can to support the club.

The rest…

I purchased a pass but the service was dreadful and I missed quite a lot of the first half so am not sure about getting another paid one. Sorry but I Follow needs to be better.


It needs closing down and someone to take over that not only knows what it is doing, but puts the customers needs first.
As silly as it seems, they could be the catalyst that contributes to clubs losing a lot of revenue due to poor service, and ultimately closing down, as you yourself have indicated that you don’t feel as if you want to waste more money on purchasing another game pass.


Agreed I paid for the Harrogate game and didn’t watch a minute of it . Such a shame because I would be watching most games if there was a guarantee I could actually get it on . Plus there customer service is non existent.

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Couldn’t we get the club to set up their own camera and stream it themselves, taking all of the revenue, and selling it to the away team supporters as well?

I’d say they would have some sort of contract with i follow

Most contracts i have seen have an opt out clause if they don’t provide you with the service they promise :wink:

There was that fantastic camera work at the start of the Burton friendly on Youtube so that’s one position filled. Might cost a fair whack to employ whoever it was though.

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A bag of peanuts?

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