iFollow v Barnsley

Confirmation that the game will be live streamed on iFollow tomorrow despite the 3pm Saturday rule. Apparently the EFL have shoehorned a rule about screening on international weekends.

The Accrington chairman, who is fuming, mentioned that the home club receives 80p in the pound for iFollow games and the rest goes to the EFL.

Slippery slope?

Personally don’t have a problem with it. I go every home and away, however I’m missing this Saturday so might watch it on iFollow. Will it convince me to stop going and just watch them all on iFollow? Of course not. If you enjoy going then you’ll still go. People convinced by iFollow probably rarely bother anyway.

It’ll help people who can’t make the odd game far more than it’ll hurt clubs with a sudden massive drop in income.

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If the team is playing well,you will go and watch them to enjoy the atmosphere.If the team is playing rubbish you wouldn’t even pay to watch it on ifollow anyway.

Agree, if you already planned to go to Barnsley tomorrow (train, beers, match etc) then discovered the game was on iFollow, you’re hardly going to decide not to go after all because you can stream it.

I think at our level supporters still love the actual experience of going to an away game, it’s far more than the game and the result.

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I agree to an extent. My plans for yesterday have changed and I considered making a dash up the M1 to Barnsley instead. Trouble is, if I pay for myself and the 2 kids then it’s £61 just to get in, let alone petrol, parking, food & drink.

I’m quite happy to miss the game to be honest but if I had the urge to see the game then £10 for all 3 to watch may be tempting.

I absolutely love the buzz of an away game but at some point the cost of away travel is going to come into play in peoples thinking.

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And perhaps that’s the point where it becomes dangerous for match day revenue. You put either £61 into Barnsley’s coffers at the gate or £8 through iFollow, either way you get to see the 3pm game with the kids…


Is this free then? Don’t see why people would pay a tenner for this when if you look around you’ll get this game for free on another site…

Apparently this is one of the games being screened in the Far East during the international break so we’ll get fancy camera angles, studio graphics etc.

Imagine there will be plenty of VPN streams.


These weeks should be even less likely to be televised not more. With the big teams not playing there’s an even better chance you might get a few more on the gate.


The only ‘free’ League One game I can find is this:

Looks like I’ll have to see if iFollow will take my £5…

i have just found a site called score bat and it looks like it will be showing the game but not sure? and facebook are advertising it as well.

Thanks chunkster!! I have it here, and it looks genuine. “Live in 5 minutes” as we speak…

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Yes was mis-informed looks like Bradford-Blackpool is the main Quest game today so that will be on the free streams.

As has happened before, I put in my card details, click on ‘Buy Now’, then I am asked to sign in again, and enter my card details again… Circles.

Have you got it?

All I can get is the latest score. And I have you for that! :grin:

Nope - sorry. I’m relying on Betfair and the Beeb (as usual)

Scunthorpe Utd 2 Rochdale 0 (20 min)

The camera quality and camera work is woeful for a tenner.


Did Adeboyejoat just score for the Choppers on 55minutes and it got disallowed ? Came up for about 10 seconds on BBC and then disappeared

Now its back… Bloody BBC

I agree, although the quality of the picture may be due to the rain? The cameraman is borderline amateur.

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