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I'm giving up on football


Just caught up with this thread and have to say one of the joys of watching the footy is seeing Tinned get very animated .Shows true passion for his team and long may it continue .


Spanish league games are being played in the USA, Premier League grounds are full of tourists taking photographs and from what I can tell lower league attendances are sinking at a rapid rate - especially in midweek.

Contrary to what Sky Sports want you to believe, the game as we know it is nearly dead and buried. All about money and very little else - football is now a product and a fan is a consumer. With the attitude of our board there will be nothing left when there is a big change - no ‘fans’ or ‘consumers’ :joy:


Sorry to read this Dave.

Re; Stewards, they will have been acting on instructions from the ‘control room’, more than likely, unless someone complained directly to them.

As for what you’ve posted - you’ve been going a lot longer than I have, and tackling has changed massively even in my time. Every little touch, people are going down and getting free kicks / penalties and it’s ridiculous - the game is turning into a non-contact sport!

As far as swearing / hand gestures go, I was always taught what was right and wrong, but then on the other hand was also told that what is said / done at the football, stays at the football. As I’ve grown up, I’ve said the same when I’ve taken my kids. Too many people getting offended at anything and everything.