Im new to this so go easy on me , oh by the way im the son of bernie the bolt ..!

can i just say hello , im new to this but im sure i might enjoy it , even tho im a blue nose i was born in walsall and i love the club - have a recent pic of dad for ya. .


Welcome to the board and to the club :smiley: . Always good to have a new point of view. :smiley:

nice 1 m8 all good here - getting our dad to speak about football is like pulling teeth

as dad liked all the clubs he played for
but walsall he loved
then i thought id come on for a knock around .

They used to feed him on raw steaks when he played for us. (allegedly) :laughing:


he told me horse meat with brown sauce , together with shirts with pre made sauce stains lol

Was a legend back in the day, you didn’t mess with Bernie. Not a bad player either, good to see he’s looking well after demolishing that dinner.

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cheers m8 , all good - as tough as he thinks he is , he always had the soft spot for walsall , but im not really allowed to use words like soft so i best be careful .b1

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Welcome to the board! Your father was/is a legend with Saddlers fans. I understand that he’s a bright fella … grammar school educated and County chess champion?

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yes mate central grammer loads of o levels and all that , warwickshire chess champion he can tell you all the openings in latin lol

Bernie was a big favourite with those of us old enough to have seen him. You can tell him he isn’t forgotten and we remember him as a big part of what was a very attractive team to watch.

He’s looking healthy and happy in those pictures, he must be 68 or 69 at a guess, but he’s wearing it well.

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yes m8 67/68 i think
hes at the moment down to 50 miles a week in power walking and cycling so hes trying to ice off the injury
he`s got a bad ankle , so his idea is cycling while its bad , ? crazy fool if you ask me .

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I believe he’s not keen on coming back for any events, but please tell him the fans who remember him would love to see him back. Even if it was just a wave to the crowd at half time.

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i know its not his bag
i ask him about going but he dont wanna
but im working on him , cuz i know fans that would love to see him and have a few laughs
leave it with me fella , im grinding him down

Agree with what everybody else says - Walsall legend. Scored in the first game I ever saw as an 11 year old at Fellows Park - ball, keeper and Bernie all ended up in the back of the net! Would love to see him put in an appearance at Banks’s.

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im working on him folks
leave it with me - im gonna stay on here now anyway and do the forum thing , im coming to games next year myself for a watch , ive given up the blues , proper dross once we sell bellingham im probably gonna knock it on the head for good, i dont go many games any how.

Me too. He’s getting on a bit, but would still be more effective up front than some of the clowns we’ve had recently like Parkin, Ngoo and Barrowman.

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i will tell him that , he will laugh .

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He was on the team when I started watching in the early 70’s. He was immense.

Had to laugh at the sauce comment. Remember it well :joy:

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ive got loads of stuff i have , cant be spilling it all , dad would cry about it even tho id just knock him out if he did