Impossible dream

Can anybody tell me: how much would it cost to buy back the ground from the pension fund?
Let’s say a consortium of filthy rich Walsall supporters (including a Euro Lottery winner) got together to raise the funds to buy the ground and “gift” it to the club in perpetuity, how much would it cost?
(Might just do it myself if I won the Euro Lottery. Of course, I’d have to start _subscribing to the Euro Millions - but first things first) :laughing:

General thoughts were around £6 million.

If i had the money to buy the club i would try to make as much money out of it as possible, and i would keep the lot, rent the ground back for hundreds of thousands a year, and any money made on transfers would be shrouded in mystery enabeling me to pocket it without questions oh hold on a bit :joy:


You would also have to confirm that you would not take a penny out of the club, on the other hand perhaps you should start your own ‘family’ Pension Fund?
Oh and if those troublesome and reactionary supporters start asking questions like “where’s the money gone?” Just furnish them with some out of date and redacted figures, they will go away happy and cease to be trouble any longer.

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We’re in a happy place just now BUT - The galling and prohibitive thing here is that he would get paid twice for the same asset.

Let’s say that £6million is the right number.

The club pays £6m for the freehold and the Pension Fund gets a nice windfall. Jeff wins.

But then, he also owns the football club who’s value goes up by £6m and so if he sold the football club he would get £6m for the ground. AGAIN. Jeff doubly wins.

Add in the rent received over the years, the scenario of the club buying the ground and then the club being sold this would mean that he and his Pension Fund would have made a combined c.£18m for an asset worth £6m that he actually paid around £300,000 for.

As our southern friends would say. A RIGHT TOUCH.

Ouch! :worried::cry:
Of course, there would surely be some legal way to avoid the worst case scenario outlined above, but it does look as though we is firmly entrapped by the short and curly ones for evermore :angry:

As Pete Waterman himself once observed when asked if he would consider taking a stake in the club - “he’s got it sewn up”.

I knew it was you all along Jeff , anything to get a pint , well that’s off now get ya f----- own :cowboy_hat_face:


I always toyed with the idea, of mortgaging it back to the club. I know that Jeff would make the club go into admin and pay me 10p in every pound owed for the land - then have the asset back.

PT also makes the perfect argument, Jeff wins twice. You’d have to buy the club then the ground or both together. The club should only be worth a multiplier of the profitability so in my opinion to say the club is worth millions shouldn’t be true.

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I hope Chunkster doesn’t read this,it might put off his return to the Banks’s for a few more years…:joy:

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To late Sid I have given my Blackpool tickets to the cancer charity shop in Brownhills together with my swifty poster and 2008/9 replica shirt :see_no_evil::joy:

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