Info re 1988 play-offs required

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For those of longer tooth can anyone clarify the following please?

After your home defeat against Bristol City in the final second-leg, there
was a penalty shoot-out held to decide the replay venue.

Was this plan A should the necessity arise or was it an ad hoc decision
worked out between both sides and referee after the 90 minutes?

The Football League had done themselves few favours in the first two
seasons of the play-offs - not extra-time or away goals in the finals
plus they hadn’t legislated for any possible replays.

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I can’t remember it being a surprise at the time so it must have been known to all beforehand. If I get chance, will try and dig out the match programme (in one of many boxes in my loft) to see if it was mentioned in that.

On the terraces , everything was a surprise. I’m not sure if I had any previous idea what would happen if the scores ended level. Looking back, I don’t even know I was completely sure what the shoot- out was deciding. I certainly seem to remember there were people around me who thought ,for a while at least ,the shoot out was deciding the whole tie, not a venue. More than 30 years ago though .I wouldn’t take my memory as iconic.

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Also don’t remember the penalty shoot out being a surprise, but just numb at what I’d just seen. Pretty certain it was what the rules stipulated - just didn’t expect to be watching it!

Is there any footage of this anywhere? Seen plenty of the replay but never saw anything of the game on the Saturday

That’s certainly how I remember it. We had no idea what was going on.

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I remember the carnage outside by the king George

Me too Longdogs. The tannoy was pretty awful so even if it was explained very few heard it. There were loads who thought we’d been promoted. It was all rather messy.

Then after it settled down I’m not sure our decision to play it at home was known for a couple of hours. It certainly wasn’t instantaneous.

All I can remember is not speaking to anyone from the 0-2 defeat to the 4-0 win. And that included getting the tickets on the Sunday morning and playing cricket for Pelsall on the Sunday afternoon. I took 4 wickets, 2 LBW with the the Wolves supporting wicket-keeper appealing on my behalf.

After the win got champagne and chips with my brother then ended up in Georgies in Rushall. A lad I was at school with was wearing the Brizzle’s full-back’s match shirt (Llewellyn?) and some lad about a third his size tried to pick a fight with him wearing a horrible Saddlers promotion T shirt that he’d obviously been wearing since the Saturday. It was stained with drink, food, blood and stank. I just remember my mate swapping shirts to keep the mood positive, and just remember thinking what have you just done?

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Can’t remember how I knew but I knew what the format was.

I can still remember David Kelly smashing his penalty in the roof of the net to win the shootout and secure the home advantage. Didn’t fancy another trip to their place. Great end to a poor afternoon.

Info from the match programme.
All decided in advance.

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I was in the Street End as the 2nd leg unfolded, and was right behind the goal when their player had a free shot at goal on about 85 minutes. It seemed easier to score but the straight shot just missed to the left of the goal. That would have killed us.

I think many thought we’d won on away goals, but there were enough who appeared know that a) there were going to be penalties and b) that these were for next game advantage.

Thanks gents, and in particular #dajwmyson for the programme notes,
for all the above info.

It’s amazing to think that even today, this season apart - at the moment anyway -
fans still ask on forums various if away goals count double etc in the play-offs.


Was in the Street End, and when the whistle blew we knew it was penalties for home advantage. Don’t know where we got the info, but we knew. That shoot out may as well have been to go through, because the crowd made damn sure the team knew we were behind them.

  • we is me and my QM mates.

I was in the Cow Shed, couldn’t believe we hadn’t won the game, but was clear that pens were to decide venue of final match. Probably because my uncle always bought a program, as the tannoy was poor.

Paragraph lifted from the programme notes:

“Clearly, therefore, we are set for an afternoon of tension and high drama. The visitors can look forward to an evening of celebrations, whereas for the losers, defeat, after such a long and arduous season, will be a bitter pill to swallow.”

If ever there were grounds for Whalley’s removal from the club’s board there it is, openly predicting a defeat for us before the game.

By the way, was is he is on the board?

Not wanting to defend the wally, but I think it was a typo and should’ve read “victors”.
His place on the board was assured for years of loyalty being boners paid mouth piece.

Can’t find anything of that second game.

I have highlights of the first and third games in this playlist. Indeed, there is the whole of the third match. (Very brief reference to the second leg in commentary before kickoff.)

Golden Oldiea

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IIRC Whalley was quite significant in SWAG, and his elevation to secretary at the club came off the back of that.