Initial Information following meeting with the Club


Well done chaps - good start and let’s hope for more activity and momentum that all can participate in soon…


From little acorns grow mighty oaks…well done to all who helped to get the ball rolling.


Do we have any thoughts yet on the next stage of the process?

Are we evaluating what they’ve said they are going to do to determine if there’s a genuine approach to change things?

I agree the ticketing issues appear to be being addressed but their response to the issues with facilities seem very much to be dialogue driven not specifically action (we appreciate the toilets issue was a perfect storm etc) are great examples of platitudes with no specific commitments etc…


Let’s see what they do with the pay on the day prices and offers before saying they’ve addressed anything season tickets have never been mentioned as an issue always been decent value.


The new under-21 season ticket platform is a step in the right direction regarding how we attract the next generation of supporters, but there is still marketing and uptake to consider.

Dropping categorisation is a good start but the real evidence that the club are committed to attracting ‘passing trade’ and attempting to compete regionally is, as Killer says, how they price match day tickets next season.


Pricing is good. There will still be increases for on the day purchases but that’s standard at most clubs now.

They’ve analysed Villa, WBA, Wolves, Blues and Shrewsbury prices I think and priced themselves accordingly.


Rob - Sorry to press this point but the ticketing issue has been very well covered - I reiterate the point I made about the other issues…

Any plan for follow-up on these


Of course, I just need to find time to speak with @simon to agree on the next course of action and we will go from there.

I’ll be speaking with him at some point this week, for sure.


Great stuff - good work fellas… Thanks


Any sign of the minutes, chaps?


Yes, will be sending them over to @simon to add to the website shortly


They’ve kept you waiting! Thanks mate.