How long is Guthrie out for

We’ll never know, Clarke’s policy on not talking about injuries is well documented

Undisclosed injury

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Okay, how long is he rumoured to be, or allegedly injured for?!:wink:

Had to laugh on WFHYS where they were moaning that Guthrie was commentating for Sky Sports whilst injured :rofl::rofl:


Was alleged at the time to be a ‘dead leg’ , not sure that was correct.

UTS Facebook took the ■■■■ out of that too. WFHYS is a free gift.

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Clarke had the “dead leg”…a case of mistaken identity methinks.

The same page where people think we could sign Gareth Barry? comedy gold


He was part of the WM commentary team for Crawley wasn’t he? Did anyone listen to that, and if so, did he give any hints himself?

Looking to get him back ASAP for his deadball delivery alone. Over the FGR & Crawley games we’ve had 20 corners, and particularly on Tuesday we didn’t much like scoring from any of them.

Yes, he said “soon”, nothing more detailed than that.

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The corners and freekicks up to Adebayo on the back post for him to head back across have created some decent chances. Led to the penalty on Tuesday night, and Sadler’s effort that nobody could believe the keeper got to. There was a similar one at Tranmere in pre-season that Gordon made a mess of with the goal at his mercy.

Keep practicing that move but get someone a bit sharper in the box to profit from it.

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Fair points those.

I feel a little foolish, perhaps even a little ‘what have the Romans ever done for us’ type thing.

My medium term memory is clearly knackered.