International Superstars 🌟

What are people’s thoughts on our newly found ‘international superstars?’. :star2::earth_africa::soccer:

  • Is/ will their ‘international experience’ benefit Walsall FC long term?
  • Does/ will their absence negatively affect our results sort/ medium term?
  • How do you rate their form on return from their most recent ‘international ‘’Break’’?

I think it is good for them to go and hopefully the experience will benefit us in the medium to long term but immediately on return I think their form has suffered. Both times Gordon has been away in his first match back he seemed to lack his usual pace. With Comley and Daniels it wasn’t so noticeable but I think they came back a day earlier. On Tuesday I thought Daniels looked tired but that might not have been an effect of the travelling. Just the pressure of captaining a young team who look like they had lost some confidence.

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I thought they started slowly on their return from internationals but it’s nice to see them get recognition for their countries and fair play to them.


Well, it is quite a trek up the M6 to Barrow.

Seriously, I have wondered whether miserable coach journeys on the same day as the match are a factor in our feeble Tuesday night games away.

Though, having said that, our Tuesday night home games aren’t much better.

We travelled on Monday for Barrow. I work with the coach drivers nephew.

We didn’t we left first thing Tuesday morning and rested up in a hotel most of the day.


Just going on what I was told. I will interrogate my colleague at Lunchtime.
Maybe his uncle is the Westie or CS source. One of them is getting similar misinformation!

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dont get waterboarding him, HR won’t like it lol


That’s interesting. Thanks for putting me right.

I think my assumption was based on my memory of going to a mid-week game at Luton some years ago and passing the team coach broken down on the hard shoulder of the M1.

(I am aware that Luton isn’t as distant as Barrow)

It probably doesn’t do us any favours, but would never begrudge someone getting the chance to play international football.


It’s a real source of pride having internationals representing Walsall Football Club on the world stage, and shows the club in a good light.