Interview with Erhun Oztumer


Interview with former Walsall man Erhun Oztumer here about his rise from non-league level to the Football League:


Well done Erhun…tremendous "goals video " halfway down article.


Erhun who?:wink:


Ferrier or Oztumer who would you take given the decision right now?


Based on the way Deano wants the team to play I’d take Ferrier


Surely like for like would be Ismail? Ferrier or Baka…yeah tough one.

Ismail had a great game on Saturday anyway.


Couldn’t give a toss about Oztumer. Good player. Nothing more nothing less. I’d have him absolutely nowhere near this starting 11.


I’d play both. Baka for Ferrier in last years team or Ozzy for Cook in this years team.

If Cookie manages 40 in two season (10 more considering he’s playing as an out and out striker and won’t provide the assists or the play making ability that Ozzy did) I’ll take it back.


I know this thread is about a Bolton player, but why are they still signing players if they are in trouble?


Great piece and always enjoy reading more about lower league players. The stories are a lot more interesting for me than reading about the big name players who have interviews every week.

Ozzy was just what we needed after adjusting to life without sawyers and continuing to play the same way I.e. one up top and one in the hole.

He just wouldn’t fit in our current style and the wages have been spent on players who fit Deanos system and style of play.


Ye agree we now have the creativity coming from the wings with pace and power up front , so ye he wouldn’t fit this current team.

Good player , but for me the Championship is a step to far for him.