Interview with Ian Roper

Hi all,

We have just released an interview on the Yellow Ribbon podcast with Ian Roper.

We spoke to him about promotions, relegations, the Merson era, and a lot more about his time at the club.

You can find it on Spotify here - Spotify

Or on Apple Podcasts here - ‎Yellow Ribbon Podcast: Episode 7 - Interview with Ian Roper on Apple Podcasts


Enjoyed that. Still one of my top 3 favourite players, I do wish he’d been less tactful when talking about Merson !


I won’t be listening to the interview but I loved him as a player.
I used to watch him in the reserves in his early days and almost every time he was the best player on the pitch. He struggled at times in the first team but Ray Graydon taking over seemed to unlock the player I’d watched playing for the stiffs and he was superb for us from then on.


Thanks mate. I think Merse is a tough era for people to discuss. Clearly people knew he had problems while at the club, but I suppose it is tough to bad mouth or spread gossip about those times.

I thought Roper came across really well in the interview, such a top bloke!


Just listening to it. Spoke to him a few times, reserved, family guy, top bloke. What a defender, out and out safe defending no messing about, and once he got moving he could shift as well.


Great interview guys thanks for that enjoyed it

Thanks mate. Hoping to get more guests on as and when we can!

Glad you enjoyed it!


Jimmy Walker would be a great one not sure if you have seen his under the cosh podcast on Youtube it was hilarious especially the Jan Sorensen stuff :rofl:

You should give it a listen, I listened to it this afternoon and enjoyed it.

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Good listen. Thanks guys.

A better player/ defender than many would give him credit for.

From what I know of Roper, I don’t think it is in his nature to bad mouth people. I doubt anyone would have a bad word to say about him either.

Wonder what former Walsall players would have the most negative stuff to say about the club and make a really interesting podcast

The vast majority!! :rofl:

I expect you are right and I would enjoy it, but I don’t listen to things like that. If I have time available for listening I tune in to Radio 4 or put some music on. I’ll happily read for hours every day if I can, but I’ll give this a miss.

I’ll listen to it this week. I take it he doesn’t mention Mersescum telling the rest of the squad to give his testimonial dinner then?

From what I’ve been told Dan Scarr would be up there.

Not the kind of guy is he Ropes to bare all dressing room secrets on a podcast.

Some of the best Saddlers ones I’ve heard have been
Jimmy Walker (Undr the Cosh)
Any Gerrard (Undr the Cosh)
Rickets (Deeneys podcast).
Jamie Lawerence (undr the cosh)

Lesser know players from that Mullen / Money era … also did a a few episodes on a no. League one Sean Geddes (Grassroots gossip) & Harry Harris (Grassroots gossip


I love the idea of snagging OPB’s star boy for your opening interview! Let the podcast wars begin! :joy:

Sir Ray would be a good interview, and i think Kenny would be up for it :grinning:

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Honestly nothing was meant by this!

Roper was just the first of our potential guests that was available when we were

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