Interview with Michael Dobson

Out interview with Michael Dobson is here! We discuss winning the league under Dickie Dosh, his earlier career with Brentford, his team-mates, and Walsall fans taking over Swindon.

Dobbo also talks about what it takes to be a captain, Jeff Bonser and how the mental aspect plays a part in football, and some of the players at Walsall who succeeded and failed because of their mentality.

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Great interview guys. Personally thought he thrived better in league 1 rather than in the league 2 championship winning team until his injuries kicked in. A solid midfielder who lead us to the title. Not many can say that!!. Good luck Dobbo!!


Looking forward to this one when I listen to it! Underrated in my opinion but integral to that promotion winning campaign.


Superb interview. Lots of interesting insights :+1: Dobbo is one of my fave captains that ive seen in 5 decades


Brilliant interview again lads. I would recommend anyone who saw us win the league that season to give this a listen. Cant wait to hear part two


Another brilliant interview guys.

Dobbo was a very decent signing for us, and sadly had more than his fair share of injuries, which I believe was the only reason we had the chance to sign him as he would of played higher up the ladder all his career.

All he said about Dickie Dosh and how he lost interest in the club once he wasn’t backed by the leech just backs up what we all knew all along that he just wanted to milk the club for all it’s worth before leaving us in the shit, number one fan… of the money, yeah you greedy bastard.


Loved Dobbo. Proper captain.

Never forget what Dosh said about Boner
In a press interview when he left

My ambitions for the club are different to his.


I seem to remember Dobson having a bit of a dig when he left too. Always stuck with me as we let a lot of good players leave around that time. Does he talk about that in part two @yellowribbonpod?

He does talk about that in the next episode yes.

Was very keen to ask him that after seeing the article you are on about.

One of my favourite ever players to be honest. Signed as a centre back but ended up in front of the defence (very dickie dosh). In those days league two was war of attrition in the air and he never let you down.

Also I’ve said it before on here but he had a terry butcher moment running back onto the pitch covered in bandages and then immediately flew into a tackle. Always stuck with me. I think we were 4 nil up at the time aswell :joy: I bloody loved that team.

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