Is it D day for Darrell against Darlington?

Well it’s another defeat and the upsets continue we now move on to the FA Cup game against Darlington who are unbeaten in their last 7 games compared to our 6 straight losses it smells like a cup upset and looks more likely too be one than not to be one should Darrell walk away and admit it’s just not gone well and move on if we lose to Darlington?

It is a must win for us for all sorts of reasons. Confidence,cash and supporter morale to name three… If we lose I doubt Clarke will go or will be sacked.Personally I would give him until after January when the Club simply must take some action on the playing staff…if it costs more than the budgeted amount then so be it. We cannot afford to drop into the Conference.


Would rather lose next week and beat cambridge at home to be honest

Would rather and I expect both mate.

If we lose next week he has to be under very big pressure.

Lose next week and that’s seven on the spin and our chance of increasing funds for January out of the window.

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Another League Two ‘expert’ now on the free market.

Paul Tisdale: MK Dons part company with manager after eight defeats in nine games

Russell Martin made manager of MK Don’s.

My great fear is that we actually beat Darlington, non league sides do tend to give away gaff own goals now and again. And lets face it that would be an irrelevant win as we would be knocked out in the second round anyway. But a win would give DC a ‘get out of jail free’ card, to be free to go on yet another 5/6 losing match run prior to Christmas, which would mean that we are rock bottom.
So, DC is still in charge, tries to go out there to get some better players in…what footballer in their right mind would want to come to a team rock bottom of the 4th Division heading for the Conference (or whatever it is currently known as). His choices would be 5th or 6th choice…ie crud that no one else wants, and indeed what Walsall fan can expect DC to do any better than the guff rejects that he employed pre season?

You are right DC has made some big mistakes with his recruiting we all know that my question really is “would anybody be surprised at all if it came on the news right now that DC has been relieved of his duties?” I’m guessing they wouldn’t be.

Just hope it comes soon, to not only free him from the full horror of his obvious ineptitude, but give someone new a chance to save our club.
Yes, we all know that constantly sacking managers doesn’t always work, but to be honest, who amongst us want to continue to witness this bilge of crud from players wearing our beloved shirt?

We need to keep faith and give him at least this season.I believe we have a potentially good manager and it is no good keep blaming the manager who is trying to sign players on one of the lowest budgets in the division.He has the good sense to reinstate competitive reserve football and install a youth policy.These things often do not bring instant rewards.Look at what a slow start Dean Smith made and just look at him now.
This season was always going to be about avoiding a double relegation and I think we will do that.Do we only give him months to reverse years of incompetence? Get a grip folks !


He should be given til at least January to be fair. But we need to see progress and improvement. For anyone to say they would rather lose Saturdays FA Cup tie in order to see Clarke gone sooner makes no sense to me at all though.


not for me we sack him and appoint someone else thats 5 managers in 4 years? ridiculous statistic and it should be pretty obvious there is a problem at the club in general.


No no and no, the problems stem from the top.

Give him time to sort the mess out.

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I for one don’t want him sacked but if you give him until January it’s actually going to be Feb / Mar really. If he’s allowed to bring players in to the club in Jan, hell then be given more time to see what they can do.

If we’re still in a mess come January , then for me it’s down to LP to come up with funds for us to sign some proven quality.


Realistically we’d need him to walk rather than sack him to avoid paying up his contract - money that could be used to replace some of the pathetic excuses for footballers he signed over the summer.

My big concern with pinning all hopes on sticking with him through January is his ability to sign better players. He had all summer to get some decent signings, now he’ll be limited to just 4 weeks. I just don’t trust him to sign the players we need. Stick with him through January, he signs more moribund players and we really are on the bus with a one way ticket to non-league…


For me he is not up to the job, and have had reservations from the off, I never brought into his mentality of him being the next Alex fergusion etc and he is to full of himself whilst not backing it up with anything other than sub standard recruitment , poor football and what appears to be very poor man management skills

But having said that. He is another victim of a draconian board, who are sitting back and asking the orchestra to play on as ship sinks,

They know only to well he isn’t up to it even this early on, but Pomlett through his bravado opening salvos when he became so called chairmen, was claiming his appointment and how he alone had recruited him as if it was some sort of. Miracle, would look dam foolish if he sacked him now. ( after seeking our saviours aproval first obviously). So it’s not an option

As fans we are once again letting them get away Scott free, bonser must be sat back laughing his knackers of, whilst still, ordering the orchestra to as said play on ,

The final parts of his master plan are firmly in place, and going according to plan, its how much water the ship takes on board before he finally Calls it a day, that is the true concern

Sad fact is there is a whole lot more pain in store before our club can be reborn, and it won’t involve any of the ones who are currently performing. A grave dereliction of duty, , it will never progress whilst any of the present incumbrients are ever involved with it

As said although not good enough. Clarke’s honesty is. Commendable, but he is just another of bonser chosen victims,
And will suffer same fate as everyone else who has participated in. Playing the game bonser, is so very close to drawing to an end, and when it does reach its final conclusion. Will be the end of Walsall fc as we know it


I cannot recall us ever being lower than 90th in the EFL in my lifetime.
Can anyone correct me?

(I don’t remember the re-elections of the 1940s and 1950s)

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According to WM on Saturday we were in this position sometime in 1990. I don’t recall that myself as I didn’t think we dropped this low. Like you I wasn’t a fan when the re elections took place but remember as a very small boy my dad coming home from the matches and saying we lost. I thought at that time the name SADDLERS referred to our many defeats …I thought it mean’t we were always SAD!!!

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