Is Keates Good Enough?


No I can, it was still the same set of players performing and indicative of the job Keates still had to do. It’s irrelevant whether it was Whitney in charge or not, I’m not comparing the two managers.


No doubt about it. I’m a massive fan of Edwards. But Keates didn’t have him either at the end of last season which is the period I’m talking about.


I think people are missing the point of what I said here, which wasn’t to compare Whitney with Keates at all.

My point was the turnaround job Keates had, not that he was a better manager than Whitney. People seem to be passing that off as easy, or like we would have definitely achieved it with Whitney in charge. It was far from it. That’s not to say one manager is better than another based on a few games. It’s to say Whitney had run it’s course and a new man needed to come in and turn things around. Which Keates did.


No, it isn’t. Whitney could have turned things around and got us up in the playoffs this season too. Conjecture, certainly, but that’s all you’re going on.


Absolutely, aren’t we all? I mean to say he “probably would have done it” is conjecture.

I’m just saying based on the evidence of what I had seen in the period of games up to Keates taking charge I saw no indication we were staying up. Would Whitney have done it? Maybe. It’s irrelevant to my point. Keates did well to keep us in that division, as Whitney would have if he’d have managed it. As I said I’m not comparing the two, I’m dismissing that it was an easy task.


I’m just saying whatever manager we get has a monumental task just trying to stand still given the rate Bonser is taking the club backwards with his ■■■■ 1990s attitudes.

But hey, as far as he’s concerned the club’s a success every day the rent is due and paid.


Well that I can’t deny. Certain posters will remember I was an ardent defender of Whitney as I will be with Keates until he falls below what I expected of him at the start of the season. Because you are exactly right, this club is held back by one aspect. And for the very vast part that isn’t the manager.

I’d rather stick with a manager who, I think, has put together a team that MAY stay in this division and is a legitimate club legend out of loyalty. Or we just bring somebody else in and have this same problem next season.


He hasn’t been good enough last two months. So many poor calls and the transfer window hasn’t improved the first 11 enough particularly at the back. Dodgy team selections, all stuff you get from a novice manager at this level in a poor run of form.

Really fear for him if Tuesday is another limp performance and defeat…way table is shaping up draw won’t change much. That is a proper must win. Surprised the club didn’t do a ticket offer for that game as it feels season defining.


Put simply, at the moment, no.


What’s the difference between good and bad managers? Good ones make more good decisions, teams have better results, general feeling is better. Bad managers are opposite, sometimes even total. So far, after good start, there were bad decisions and it produced bad results. So, can Dean Keates improve and save this season? Of course there is such possibility, but I start to doubt he is able to do it.


I’m just disappointed as I thought he was known for defensive and organisational ability

We have seen nothing of this in fact what is our style of play?

There’s nothing there in his post match interviews

Needs to do the right thing


If you take away our blistering start ( 13 points from 5 games) and look at how many points we and our rivals have accumulated since Aug 25th then it makes depressing reading.

Wimbledon 18
Walsall 22
Gillingham & Bradford 26
Rochdale, Oxford & Shrewsbury 30

This may be an arbitrary and unfair comparison as the table is judged over the whole season but I think it shows that without a dramatic upturn in fortune that we are sadly heading for the trap door.


As I have mooted previously in another thread, I have looked very seriously at the remaining fixtures, even if we were to see an upturn in form, our liability of letting in 2 goals per match on average, our shrinking violet approach in all matches against ‘better’ opposition, and an inability to see off poorer opposition satisfactorily, I can only see us getting 47 points at best = relegation, sad but indeed true.
Keates stands on the touchline like a rabbit caught in the headlights.


If there is anything to be gleaned out of us being relegated, it would be that bonzo might just ■■■■ off.


I can’t say I disagree with anything there. Bravo.


When will we hear the vote of confidence, the board must see the type of tripe we are watching. Surely they cannot be comfortable with this type of football, we have always played footy, not hoofball one dimensional thats being served up.


Agree with that, but I would take out the end of the 15/16 where he was in charge of a team that “managed itself”.

The fact that there is even a Whitney/Keates debate show how much Dean’s wheels have fallen off over the last three/four months.


The board don’t want relegation to league 2.

In the current framework of how the club is run it would cause massive headaches.

Less season tickets sold. A fair few sub 3k attendances. The ditching of Cat A games (a good thing but one I’d prefer them to do with the club still in league one) when promotion chasing Forest Green bring 100 fans and of course the easy potential for proper protests and demonstrations to begin. They’d also be expectation that like in 2006 the club would quickly rebuild and have a promotion ready squad and manager. That costs money and all a little more difficult to pay the rent in those conditions.

When I look at bottom half league two this season I see Notts County bottom, Vale near enough there and Crewe, Swindon, Oldham and Northampton also in bottom half.

We saw this last season. Most assumed Whitney would see out the season and then be ditched but we was gone in early March when on an awful run so sadly as much as I want DK to get through this run the odds are very much on him getting sacked in the next two weeks.


Afraid if we go down it will be back to the dark days of the early 90s and a struggle to get back up for me.there are teams down there with a much bigger budget than us these days well done Bonser and the rest who run this mess.


Taylor Blackett

Thats 19 players keates has brought in ( may even have missed 1 or 2). So
My point is why did he not just bring in 4or 5 of good experienced league one performers to go with cook and Dobson .Then maybe a couple of loan signings . what he has spent on transfer fees and wages surely the money was there to do this.would maybe have had a settled team now and a style of play instead of the ■■■■ we are witnessing.