Is the academy still producing?


I agree on Kouyhar…it seems as I said in my response to COOP that DK doesn’t rate him or any of the other youngsters.Is he right in that assessment I wonder?


All the waffle about philosophies and five year plans has been proved to be just that.

If such things ever existed they went out of the door with Dean Smith. Gamble and Mole rode on his coattails, but without him we’ve become the same rudderless ship we were before he arrived.


Exactly. And this is one of my main main frustrations with the Board. Why haven’t we tried to replicate the same model that delivered relative on-field success, and gave us a footballing identity to the point where the then manager of the Premier League champions commented on how impressed he was with our style of play?

All that’s happened now is we’ve descended back to ‘that club by the M6’, that plays stale football with no atmosphere, a dwindling line of academy products and no real direction other than trying to avoid the drop each season.

If the Board were so committed to the ‘philosophy’, Whitney would’ve gone much sooner for diverting from it and Keates probably would have never been employed in the first place. It’s no surprise that the academy players are struggling to come through when the style of the play they’ve been used to all through their development is completely different to what the first-team are churning out.


Is it a stupid idea to say that we should find an ex player looking to get into coaching as the YT manager, he can work with John Ward and develop, learn in game management and tactics to hopefully be ready to step up as the next manager? I know Fryatt and Bowerman are there but what about a future for Chambers or someone of a similar ilk


Couldn’t agree more.


I agree WalsallOne but it’s all relevant to the status of the clubs system and this can only be gauged by successfully bringing through youngsters and that’s my key point…

It seems to be stalling at present and given the coaching staff we have at the club it’s difficult to see why…


We “sold” him to Man Utd a while back. Since then he has left for a club in Portugal from memory


Wasnt that Evandro Brandão?


Thanks Bags10 and GhostofWalsaaPast.

I remember Brandao but I accept that my rather vague reference meant that trying to read my mind was a big ask.

The boyI’m thinking of never broke into the first team but he was around during the Bradshaw era I think.

Coincidentally, he played in the same team as Raekwon Smith who some fans assumed was related to our ginger haired gaffer. :slight_smile:


I think I was thinking of Romario Reid but a quick google search implies that he hasn’t set the footballing world alight in the last few years… It’s a shame though because I’d have loved to have shouted, “Great goal, Romario!” To a Saddler at a Walsall game! :+1:t2: