Is there anyone out there

Are there any players still out there still available that we can sign? I know DC said there is no point signing players you don’t want, but surely there must be options better than what we have.

Lloyd dyer

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Elliott Durrell was mentioned by the D3D4 guys and I would certainly offer him a deal until Jan and see how it works out. Not exactly a Clarke type of player but he is creative, can play in the hole or wide right, and is technically gifted. Did well for Macclesfield last season and would know Jules. Played locally so knows the area as well.

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I was thinking the same as I don’t think these are going to turn it around. I hope I’m proved wrong.

Matt Jarvis

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If they are fit, I would look to try and bring in both Matt Jarvis and Darren Fletcher, even if both on just short term contracts. Saw Fletcher play a few times whilst he was at the Bagladdies and he used to boss the midfield for them.

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Jamie Ward

I am a lucrative business man. I spend £1575 (I have HMRC VAT receipts) a weekend to travel from my retirement home in Tenerife. Every other weekend.
I just wished that this team had worked for me years ago - they wouldn’t of had a future pension. Time is money!! If we don’t score tomorrow against Morecambe, then I feel sorry for those who keep turning up. It’s about time the happy clappers looked at their hands and realised that gloves may be useful when they had chance to wear the appropriate PPE. The whole state of the club is just ruined. Get beat by The Scunny boys, and I am afraid your time time is up Mr DC. Still you hold all the badges - so does “Blue Peter”…

Unless he’s a creative midfielder above the level that we have now I’m not interested what is out there. We’ve already ripped a squad apart and started talking about gelling. Worst thing you can do now is add even more players that haven’t even had a preseason.

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What the … :rofl:


“Lucrative business man”

“Wouldn’t of”

Presumably a tongue in cheek post? :smile:


Loving the way he’s already got his VAT receipts on hand to thwart any criticism of his travel arrangements. Er, ok mate. :rofl:

At least the thread gives an excuse to post a link to a classic :smile::smile:


Think it may have been a typo - he meant “ludicrous business man” surely?


Elliott Frear left winger just left Motherwell free agent

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But Fletcher? We couldn’t afford his pants

As Fletcher went from the Albion to Stoke, I dont know but I would have thought that he would still be living in reasonable.comuting distance. He’s 35 now so you would think he would be looking at the next stage of his career, and may be getting into coaching or management? Why not offer him a player/coach role? I wouldn’t think he’s desperate for money so he might find it an option to consider. And when he sees our training ground that should swing it😁

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Well, as an evil overlord with successful commercial enterprises as well as a hidden lair deep in the peak district, I spend considerable sums of money travelling by airship to games. If these players were employed by my organisation they would have certainly ended up in shark tanks by now!

I also have some VAT receipts.


Direct from the lucrative subterranean Tenerife Batcave …

Fixed that for you.