Isaiah Osbourne

An interesting article about him in E and S. Currently a free agent, was on £350 a week here and was promised a pay rise when Rico was sold but it never happened.

I’d sign him back up in a heartbeat. Another player treated like ■■■■ by the club.

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Another ex player not good enough to get into any other league one team. Can we have an update on Scott Laird next?

Oh come on now :joy: Osbourne was playing extremely well, especially towards the end of his time with us before Whitney started treating him like ■■■■. I see nothing wrong in taking a player back who can do a job.

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I’d have him back - especially if his knee problem is now a thing of the past.

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He was part of an average Walsall team and blew hot and cold. He’s since been part of a poor Forest Green side and I doubt anybody in League one is looking at him

You are right I think he could do a job but I think that speaks more to quality of our depth than it does of him as a good player to be honest. We must be able to find a realistic target better than Osbourne.

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That Whitney fixed for him. There’s always two sides to every story.

Maybe he felt shut out but he was extremely ungrateful to Walsall as a club for that. Paid him for a year to sit on his ■■■■. Not sure I want players here with that attitude.

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There are two sides, you’re right. But if what he said in the interview is to be believed, being promised a pay rise from point A to B once player C is sold and that never happening is unprofessional on the club’s part. I do understand the frustration of supporters when he was paid after picking up an injury not long after signing. But do you seriously think he chose to be injured for close to a season? And why should he not pick up his wage due to being injured?

Although he was signed by Smith, so was it Smith or the directors who promised him that? If it was Smith and not the club, then no blame can be attached.

£350 a week is less than £20k a year - loads of players are getting that in non-league football. If it’s true, I can understand why he was peed off. Probably the same thing with Matt Preston. Perhaps that extra £10,000 (£200 a week for this season) that we’ll get from allowing more Plymouth supporters in will make a difference after all.

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Or actually spending some of the money we make as profit. Or our owner not paying his own pension a ridiculous amount each year. Just a thought.

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Or given our current predicament, let us play 6 months rent free and use that money to improve the squad. God I hate Bonser.


A very effective and much underrated player for us once fit. As with Craig westcarr who I thought was an excellent player for us, I could never understand the criticism from some supporters. If you look at the results from the first half of the season before last, I am pretty sure we never lost a game when isiah started. Just to put these wages into perspective, the minimum wage is £300 a week, no wonder no one will play for us!

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footballers must play for us out of love for the club because it sure isn’t to get rich :joy:

Can’t argue with that.

Probably on more at Forest Green as they were paying very decent wages when they were in the national league.

Over 3 seasons not too short of about a grand for each game played

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