ISSA - 5k target

Independent saddlers supporters association

Ref. Bescot bar

As you are aware we have been given the opportunity to sponsor the revamped bescot bar by raising 5k to cover the cost of skinning the wall,s. With vinyl artwork as has been done in the tunnel and dressing room area

We very much want to help club out with this project, and giving that Friday’s announcement in relation to season ending, has now. Ended speculation, income to club is even more depleted, and projects like this would. Have to seriously be looked at as to wether they could continue, and this is where us as fans can help

This is a chance for us to help club, whilst honouring some saddlers legends who will be incorporated into said art work
Bennett, Buckley Graydon, Nicholl etc

Final choices will be made with the input of you the fans, if we reach our 5 k target

We will have many initiatives on the go as we attempt to raise said funds, and we will be auctioning a rather unique shirt Later today. And a fantastic painting of. Alan Buckley is also up for grabs So look out for this

We will also be introducing our lucky ticket draw. Where the winner can pick any available seat in the lower, middle or upper tier of the homeserve stand, Details of this will be released tomorrow

As fans let’s come together and one not only help our beloved club financialy, but two create an area that. Is welcoming, to the fans who use the bescot bar , whilst also paying homage to dome true saddler greats from both. Our fellows park,days, and bescot

To start the ball rolling. Issa are pleased to announce we are
Putting the first £500 into the fund

Look out as said for our auctions and. Our lucky ticket draw

Also if any fane wants to make a donation to help us in our quest to raise the 5 k please pm me for details.

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@Dhforever just an idea I had which you are free to use/discard I wont take offence :slight_smile:

I’ve been really enjoying the various interviews with former players/managers and I guess you have quite a following of readers there now. For the purposes of fund-raising could you make that part of the site for members only? I’m sure you would get a spike in membership funds which could be put towards the bar?

Hi mate.
Good idea, but not something we would want to do

I know you won’t take offence, but the reason being we want Issa to be there for all fans, and wouldn’t want to create a two tier system of those who could pay and those who cant. Mate

As said it’s run by fans for the benefits of fans, and that is a principle we will never stray from mate,
But we welcome all ideas and want fans to have an input mate, so your idea is not dismissed lightly, but it’s one we can’t do mate for reasons stated