Issa and local company,s

Independent saddlers. Supporters association

All involved with Issa would like to thank Ian astbury. And all involved with I C SHIPPING LTD For there generosity

Upon hearing we needed a container unit. To be used by the railway football team. And the youngster,s from forest star and the Chris Nicholl little stars. I c shipping kindly provided us. With one they no longer required

This container unit will prove be a great asset, and means the kids equipment can be stored. Safe and sound

Thanks also to all. concerned at devaney,s. Haulage who transported said. Container and positioned it Down at the railway club, Your generosity went above and beyond

And last but not least. Howard Evans and Micky Stephenson. From the spv group who provided me with cladding panels. To give said unit a new outer skin and the said unit a new lease of life

The generosity of these three local company,s In helping Issa achieve our goals. Out in the local community. Is greatly appreciated by all involved. With Issa , and we are proud to be associated with. Them

And there. Acts of generosity. Mean. That. Local youngsters. From within the bourough. Iā€™e forest star can continue to grow
Into there new home base / which is the railway club

whilst the long established. Local. Grass roots football team that. Has long been associated with the railway Now as another asset. To add to what is a fantastic local football venue

So to end. A massive thank you to all who. Contributed making. All this possible. Local company,s. Helping local kids. As they begin there football journey, and supporting. Grass roots football. What could be any better. Makes you proud to be a saddler


So good to hear @Dhforever As you say the generosity of local firms is amazing.

Great stuff

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