Issa announcement

Independent saddlers supporters association


In my capacity of chairman I’d like to issue the following statement

We at Issa have in the last few days been reported by people
Who we assume. Are fellow fans in relation to our merchandise,
Saying we have no rights doing what we do and should be stopped They had previously also contacted club moaning about our activities

This resulted in me getting a 24 hour ban from Facebook while it was investigated , but as you can tell by me writing this it appears once again we at Issa are doing no wrong , and ban is no longer in place

I’d like to set the record straight for those who are obviously perturbed by what we. Are doing, and even more so by our huge success story

Firstly everything we do is with the full knowledge of Walsall football club , we always consult with club and let them know our intentions , of anything we plan to do, and club is kept fully informed

We actively promote Walsall football club in everything we do
And alongside its fans they are first and foremost in our thought process
We aim to re unite lost fans with the club and actively pursue. And capture future generations of supporters and introduce them to there hometown football team

We actively support Walsall football club financialy, An example being our sponsorship of the newly revamped bescot bar £5100
Sponsorship of the manager, A Donation of £1000 to our youth academy. And we are currently looking at providing club with a brand new mini bus. And we will continue to do this to the very best of our abilities

Issa are a TOTALY non for profit organisation . With any surplus funds. Being used to benefit. The Walsall FC fan base. Walsall football club, grass roots football in the borough of Walsall , our elderly and Vulnerable within our community and more recently the NHS. To whom . We supported with 5k worth of hot meals during the covid 19 pandemic

As for the shop I’d point out that if you do purchase from it you are in a way helping the club, as said they benefit from any surplus,
We would also point out. It gives fans another option ,
We are no way in competition with the official club shop, we just offer fans a second option, but as said the end goal remains the same, We exist to serve you the fans, and to help club as much as possible

Issa has been nothing short of a fantastic sucsess. It has the backing of many ex players, who are ambassadors of it

It has a fantastic relationship. With Walsall football club, and has a very high percentage of the walsall FC fanbase as fully fledged members

The downside to such a sucsess story is it will always attract haters , but I can assure those who are hell bent on causing disruption, Your attempts will fail miserably We welcome al, fans of walsal, FC to be part of Issa if wished But all we ask is if you don’t. Is to Just let us go about our business,

which is helping our beloved club financially , whilst offering its fanbase the benefits of Issa membership , Issa is run and conducted how a proper fan organisation should be , and will continue. To do so. Despite the attempts of. Some to discredit it


Everything you do seems to benefit the club and those around it so therefore whoever is offended by what you do clearly isn’t a Walsall FC fan and doesn’t have the clubs interests at heart - ■■■■■■■■ whoever they are, must not fit in with their sad little agendas


Keep up the good work.


You cant please them all i guess

Pretty sad and low behaviour too go too them lengths too try stop something that is doing such good for the WHOLE of the club and fan base.

Keep up the great work


Green eyes from other ‘supporter’ organisations?


I find it completely incomprehensible how you have to keep coming on UTS to defend the excellent work you are doing for Walsall FC and the local community.
I don’t live there but your message is getting through to me in Torbay.
Being one of the older community, I fear this is one of the problems of social media , it gives voice to people who accept no responsibility for what they are allowed to say.
Perhaps you should call them out , name them and shame them, but I think I know the answer to that.
What you have done in the last few months for the Saddlers needs to be supported


Can only be jealousy from a certain other group from what i know anyway.

The negatives of social media seem to far outweigh the positives. Time to block Snapgram and instachat et al from the UK.

I was sorry to read this @Dhforever, we are all supposed to be pulling in the same direction? how can supposed fans say that they support a club then feel the need to denounce other fans? it beggars belief, all i can say mate is what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, keep up the good work, i know who i would throw my support behind :wink:


Keep up the great work you are doing for both fans and club’

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They ain’t fellow fans at all mate, they’re pathetic individuals who need ignoring.

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More likely to be one disaffected individual in that group. Bitter bloke.


Whoever is snitching doesn’t get the ISSA model on merchandise which is actually quite smart and done in a way that the club couldn’t replicate in the club shop. Which I guess is why the club are more than comfortable with not imposing restrictions on copyright or trademark. And given the generous donations from ISSA the club would be daft to impose such restrictions anyway.

Given the flow of income from ISSA I think that there must be a conversation due on The Saddlers Club. I know The Railway has been fantastic but if ISSA could set up on the site of the ground it would surely harness activity and provide even more possibility.


Good point about the Saddlers Club . As I read the initial post on here I had the same thought. We have a large and basically good building on site lying empty and derelict whilst we have a large number of fans doing their best for the Club from another Club. Surely the possibility of marrying the two should be looked at.

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The Saddlers Club needs a minimum £250,000 spending on it. Anyone got the coin for that?

Talk to @chunkster about the cash when his pension comes thru :grinning:, keep up the good work Issa


No matter the cost too get that place into what ever, Something needs too be done its a eye sore and must be full of rats by now. Either re use it or knock it down

Do we really need yet another place to buy alcohol? Surely rather than spend £250,000 on another drinking establishment we could get 2 decent players in and a few extra staff for the bars that are already up and running.

:joy: i’m still bloody waitin :money_mouth_face:

I’m surprised it hasn’t gone the way of other unoccupied buildings in Walsall to be honest. Might be convenient if it did.


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