Issa appeal

Independent saddlers supporters association

Ref forest star

As you are aware Issa in conjunction with forest star the Chris Nicholl foundation. Has been launched and will. Train out of the railway club

The Forest star name needs no introduction to anyone familiar with the local junior football scene , and is trying to get back to its former. Glory

This is an appeal on two fronts.

An area has been set aside. For forest star to have there own pitch and training facility. Up at railway and work is well underway. In getting this done, but we need a little help if at all possible

Is there anyone amongst our membership or Walsall FC fanbase. Who may have some spare Harris fencing knocking about , we need about twenty sections and the base blocks , this is to stop the kids loosing. There. Matcballs over the railway.tracks. At one end and the brook that runs past at the other end

The second part of the appeal is. As follows.

Is there an individual or a local company who would. Like consider sponsoring. Two large advertising banners. To be attached to said. Fencing which would. Contain both the forest star logo alongside the Issa one, and if it was a company. There own logo would be included. Alongside the wording. LITTLE STARS. CHRIS NICHOLL FOUNDATION

Said banners will give the area set aside its own identity as such a well known name as forest star. Starts a new chapter in its history

You never know one day one of the kids who will benefit greatly from this. May. Just trot out. At Bescot making his debut for the saddlers And alongside our other venture with little aces. Who our own president Stan Bennett is patron of We may just have a future saddler legend. In the making amongst the two set ups

If anyone can help with either part of this. Appeal please pm me

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