ISSA - Committee Meeting Minutes

Minutes for Committee meeting. Sunday August 16th 2020.


The contentious issues are more than covered elsewhere but I must say that those donations to a range of great causes, not least our football club, are seriously impressive.

Well done. :+1::+1:


Proof that if they cut out the ridiculous drama and rise above personal vendetta’s this organisation does have the foundations in place to achieve great things for the supporters of the club…


What superb work you lads are doing @Dhforever & @Blazing_Saddler (and all the other committee members). What an amazing amount of money you’ve raised and donated to great causes.

This just goes to show you should be sticking to what you do well (producing the merchandise that the fans want, the low priced away travel, the closer ties between fans and the club).

My advice would be to concentrate on the above things rather than waste energy on pointless attempts to take over the Trust. Carry on like you are and you’ll automatically become the number one supporters group without the hassle of possible hostile takeovers.


They already are in my opinion when has any supporters group achieved this much in a short space of time? never in my lifetime of following Walsall but i do agree with what you say let the trust fade into the background as they have done recently and things will right themselves hopefully as long as all parties leave each other alone.


Superb work with those donations, that cannot be faulted.

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