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Ref direct debit scheme,

To all those enquiring about the direct debit, standing order scheme. To aid club, Please note representives from Issa will be sitting down with club officials on Thursday to sort out the mechanics of the scheme

We will be sorting out with club. About the monies raised going straight into club and used as they see fit, in order to help club ride out this crisis it currentley faces

Please be aware that by committing to this scheme you are doing it willingly, and we will not be demanding any. Conditions are attached, it is an ongoing thing. Done in order to aid club

You will be able to commit from as little as a pound. With no upper limit should you be able to commit to a little bit more , The only. Thing we will request of club is a regular monthly. Breakdown of totals raised. , but as previously said it will be totally at clubs discretion as where within the club the money is best used

Again please do not think we are being disrespectful as we are not, But if this scheme is not for you , please refrain from commenting.
Even tho your opinion would be fully respected and fully understood This is not the time. To argue. Old. Points

this scheme is for those who wish to help. And the rent issue must not cloud this scheme, Simple reason rent issue won’t go away , unless club dies. And it then becomes immaterial anyhow,

Let’s just all help the best we can, If we can. At least that will ensure we are still in a position to tackle said freehold issues at a later date

Hopefully we will be in a position to provide you with all the details of how to get involved by Thursday / Friday

If you intend to participate please confirm in comments box to get an idea of numbers please


I’d be happy to contribute each month

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Thank you.

Can you please tell me how this scheme will work in relation to the WSFC scheme will any monies raised be going to the same account .
I am definitely in when there is more clarity

This scheme is different mate we will be having a regular monthly direct debit / standing order and it will be paid direct to Walsall football club, Nominated Account, Whereas. Robs is a one off sort of payment. This one being run by Issa will be ongoing throughout the crisis. But with both hopefully aiding wfc


Payments on the page that has been set up can be made anytime and as regularly as people wish.


Wasant implying they couldn’t rob, just pointing out the difference between the two schemes, As requested.

If you want yours to run it’s course and reach its target figure. Then Issa can. Look at deferring. There’s as not to dilute your effort, Until your target amount is attained

I am attending a meeting at the club on Thursday. To. Go through things, Was going to see if ours could be. Incorporated into the super saddlers saving scheme. Which is still fully operational, If this was not an option. We would. Just use a nominated account. Provided by club

Let me know your thoughts. And I can inform those present at meeting. On Thursday our intentions,
As the goal has to be to maximise. Aid to club


Every bit of help for the club is great so you don’t need to defer anything. The more the club get the better.

This page will be open for a while so the target will increase over time too. Sure people will support anything they can. Good bunch of fans we are.


Any news on today’s meeting

Sorry for late reply mate yes on Monday I will be getting a nominated account. From club with all details. Ie numbers sort codes etc for fans to pay direct into Got to sit down with Alex from commercial dept at 11 am to just finalise everything, but as said come Monday we will be up and running , Have well over a hundred fans pledging to donate each month. For the duration of the crisis. So along with the wsfc crowd founder we should generate s lot of much needed cash. To aid the club

Along with ex players Issa are also working on an idea that would generate. Further cash more details on this tho will be announced at a later date. ,

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The problem is there are fans (including myself) that do want to give money and would be willing to give a bit each month, but I’m not comfortable with the possibility my money is going straight through the club into the pockets of directors and the landlord. There needs to be a bit of transparency about what they are also doing. I’m not going to blindly give my money for it to just effectively not be put into the club. If it’s covering off field employees wages and keeping the club itself going then I’m all for it but not if it’s just paying the rent.


I understand your view, but do you think the money will go straight to Suffolk Life to an account marked rent. I dont much like the suggestion " into the pockets of directors " either.
I am sure all money will go to ensure the future of our club.

No, it’ll clearly go to the club but then could be earmarked to pay the rent as first priority. What happens if ALL or almost all of it goes to that first priority with nothing or crumbs left for everything else. I’m not saying don’t pay any rent at all but it shouldn’t be swallowing up the lot or almost all of anything raised.

And the directors comment was in reference to them receiving money in normal times. I’d expect during this crisis they’d be forgoing anything especially whilst fans are donating. Same as I’d expect Mr. Number 1 leech… I mean fan to at least be forgoing or helping in some way. Also remember we have debts in the accounts which are being paid to some of the directors. Are they forgoing those payments at present too?

When you sit down with Alex, @Dhforever, could you ask him why it is not possible for people who do not live in the UK to buy merchandise from the online shop. I am not asking them to ship products overseas, as I know by now that this will never happen - though to me it is a lost opportunity.

I am simply asking why I am unable to buy in the online shop just because I don’t live in Guernsey or the UK. These are the only options for an invoice address. (Why does Guernsey have this special privilege?)

We have the chairman practically begging for money to be spent in the club, and I am willing to buy shirts for relatives and friends in the UK. I cannot do so because of the way the online shop is set up.

I can buy gifts for people all over the world via hundreds of websites. I have bought match tickets via - usually for August and Easter - and collected the tickets from the ticket office when back in the UK. I have bought matched on iFollow. All of these using cards registered to my Hong Kong address.

Why is this not possible for the WFC online shop? It is not difficult to do.

ISSA can do it, and they will now be getting my first order.

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