Issa funday final totals and distribution of funds

Independent saddlers supporters association
Ref family fun day

A Committee meeting was held tonight and the final details of the fun day can now be disclosed

After all disbursements had been taken care of we where left with a surplus total of
£1416 60 p

This has been split the following way,
Issa has retained £708 30. And this will be used to the benefit of its members , I’e further reduced travel costs to away fixtures.
And social events that are put on

£355 shall be handed to the wfc. Disabled supporters association , to be used as they see fit in relation to there members

£355. Shall be handed to a local under eight side at grass roots level, This side as been identified by our vice chair mr Stevie Shaw, and they have had to beg and borrow a kit to get started , so hopefully this donation will go a long way in helping these young kids, continue there journeys

Massive thank you to everyone who attended and supported the day, Far to many to thank you all individually but you all know who you are

Keep saying it but. You guys continue to prove it Walsall fans are a special bunch, and go way and beyond. To support your own
As for Issa everyone involved are just blown away by the way you have got behind us

We always said that everything we did would be with you the loyal fanbase of Walsall FC first and foremost in its thought,s.
We have many more things planned for you the fans and the local comunity as a whole .
And can’t wait for the new season to begin

Once again a massive thank you to each and everyone of you, your fantastic generosity will make a real difference to. Two great causes


Brilliant Olly, a fantastic effort and contribution.

This is all very laudable. It really is. But am I alone in thinking that UTS is in danger (if that’s the right word) of becoming a mouth piece for ISSA? Hearts and minds and all that, against the Trust?

The Trust are welcome to post, and have done occasionally.


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I think that’s down to the Trust to rectify.

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Did the Working Party Meeting take place today, @Dhforever? All parties in attendance?

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Just to elaborate. UTS is a mouthpiece for ALL Walsall fans whether it’s the Trust, ISSA, any other group or independent fans.
As Exile says the Trust have contributed in the past, in fact wasn’t there a Trust statement in response to the Board relegation statement put up here recently?

ISSA have put announcements up on groups on FB too not just here. The Trust rarely does this, I assume because they have to put everything through a committee before releasing anything?

In these days of social media the Trust has fallen behind with their website not working half the time and an out of date Twitter account.

I’m sure there are plenty of things the Trust do but if they’re not publicised then what’s the point?


Sorry Simon but this months meeting had to be postponed , for reasons that I feel are not worth dragging up on here again, What I will state is Issa have made it clear that they where willing to attend,
Hopefully they will fully resume next month and hopefully by that time things will have been sorted out

That’s a shame, DH. Just a month after relegation the club should still be answering difficult questions.

Hope the situation is sorted quickly because supporters aren’t being suitably represented with the current situation between the Trust and ISSA.

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Totally agree mate. If nothing sorted this month Issa have made it clear they will involve the Fsf
You are exactly right the only ones suffering are the fans, But I say it as it is mate and Dan mole had the courtesy to reply to the questions put to him the month before

A lot of the questions put to him had answered themselves anyway, I’e managerial apointment, retained list, backroomstaff etc, as he said they would do when presented with them last month

As for jef publicly adressing fans he stated that this was purely Jeffs perogative, and he can not guarantee any said public meeting taking place
He pointed out that there had been many positives coming out of club, at the min and there was more to come he also stated his wish for the monthly meetings to continue, and felt they where important , as the board know this is an area they have failed in in the past, I’e comunication with fans, and they want to get meetings back on track

Even though no wpm took place Simon Issa still put forward the idea of jef adressing fans, giving his immediate plans, on rebuilding the club, and what he intends to do about the freehold issue that is at the very crux of the deep seated issues the vlub faces

We will continue to push for him to adress fans, even tho small signs of change are showing there’s a long way to go yet mate. And the bigger issues still need lots of hard work. Being put in. By all fan groups, As said. Issa wanted meeting to go ahead, but trust still seem unwilling to sit at same table as Issa, If there was a genuine reason for this Simon I could understand, but to me. And I’ll state here and know that this is my oppinion and mine alone that the trust are using Issa as a smokescreen to cover there own inadaquancies and deflect the flak they where facing from fans, , and if that’s the case. Mate it’s a very unhealthy posistion to be in

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It would be my suggestion Simon that if trust still not willing to attend next month, that while we await third party intervention. That maybe you and rob attend along with the dsa, Issa will sit out as a courtesy, as it’s imperative the right questions are asked of the board a what is a very important time in our history For the greater good of the club and the loyal fanbase Issa would gladly sit out, but will not continue to do so for any long period of time just to pander to the trust , but in the short term will do best by the very fanbase it is trying to do its level best by

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I’ll DM you DH.