ISSA Important Announcement

Independent Saddlers Supporters Association

Following the latest committee meeting of the Independent Saddlers Supporters Association, we would like to make all supporters of Walsall Football Club aware of our intentions regarding the Walsall Football Supporters Trust.

It was unanimously decided by our committee, that a proposal be put to Walsall Football Club, that ISSA be recognised as the main supporter representative group associated with Walsall Football Club.

ISSA will be asking the Walsall Football Supporters Trust board, to allow ISSA to take over the running of the Trust, and restore it to what it was set up to do, and how a Trust should be run, that is with the football club and its fan base first and foremost in its thought process in relation to everything it does. We would be seeking to Start a fresh with all current trust board members resigning their positions, with ISSA taking full control to move the trust forwards. It can no longer in our opinion struggle on any longer. We would meet all criteria that is required to run the trust and fully incorporate it within ISSA.

There are many factors that have lead us to make this decision at this time. I’d like to highlight these, so everything is out in the open, so that all Walsall Supporters know the facts.

It is our opinion that there should not be so many groups representing our fan base as there is at present. Walsall Football Club have also stated this on many occasions, especially within working party meetings. The excess of supporters groups, in our opinion came about because of the inactivity of the Walsall Football Supporters Trust, at a time when supporters wanted answers about the decline of our Football Club. Despite numerous requests by the club and other supporters groups to attempt to work in harmony, the Trust have totally dismissed this request, which has lead not only ISSA but other supporters groups to feel uncomfortable attending working party meetings with them in attendance.

The Walsall Football Supporters Trust, in our opinion does not have a fair representation numbers wise of our fan base. Has not moved with the times, and has stagnated, losing the respect of those it is set up to serve. Our proposal is very much based on the number of members, and the role ISSA plays not only with Walsall Football Club, but also within the wider community within the Borough of Walsall. It is our opinion, for all intents and purposes we are playing the role a Trust should already, in all but name.

  • To promote Walsall Football Club
  • To reunite lost fans with the club
  • Capture the next generation of fans
  • To support local grass routes football
  • To offer support in the local community

Also to represent all supporters of Walsall Football Club. Whilst we can’t claim to represent the views of all Walsall Supporters, we certainly can listen and put forward your views to Walsall Football Club.

We also would like to work very closely with Walsall Football Club with our own contacts on a range of ideas, aimed at giving Leigh Pomlett all the help we can in reuniting the club with the freehold. As with everything we are trying to do, this will happen regardless of any outcome. We truly believe we have a hard working dedicated committee, with the skill sets to achieve our goals and benefit the club, long term.

We felt it only right that we informed you, the supporters before acting. We look forward to hearing all of your thoughts on the matter, whatever they may be. It is all about you, the supporters, it is you we aim to represent, you who that are foremost in our objectives.

The said proposal will be put forward to Walsall football club and the Walsall Football Supporters trust within the next two weeks. We genuinely request your feedback, good or bad, from you the fans.

Mark Cassell - Secretary


I can’t see the club wanting to take sides or get involved to be honest DH.


I’d be fully behind this takeover ,walsall supporters trust do not represent us the fans they seem very outdated with very little communication, but I agree with sid swifty said, the club will not want to be involved with this takeover has it will get very messy.


Even if it’s not done officially, is there any real question within the club, or our fans, who the main supporters representatives are?

That’s a genuine question as I have no idea what the Trust do and never really have whereas ISSA are doing positive things regularly.


As a member of ISSA for the last two seasons I can put my hand on my heart and say this is the organisation that are doing the most to support our club and Chairman , and are the future in regards to pushing on rather than just stagnating and ticking over .

We all want a better future for Walsall Football Club and I believe personally this would be a step forward .

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I whole heartedly agree. What ISSA have achieved in such a short space of time is nothing short of remarkable. They really are moving on now and as you say don’t stagnate. Always coming up with ideas to raise money for the club and charities etc. I believe ISSA will go from strength to strength and continue to grow.

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The Trust are finished as far as I can see anyway what do they actually do these days? Not being funny i genuinely don’t see anything.

Doesn’t this rely on the Trust co-operating?


Not taking sides, but surely the right way to do it would be to turn up en masse at the trust annual meeting and all get voted on the new board.

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Just thought , suppose you would need to be members of the Trust !

Given ISSA seemed to be formed after people became frustrated with the Trust I asked the question at the time why they didn’t do exactly this.

UTS is independent of any supporter group so please pay us the courtesy of using the section provided for Announcements



Will ISSA represent the views of snowflakes, lefties and luvvies?


Apologies, my mistake. Seems to have been fixed for me.

Obviously a revenge offensive launched by ISSA to destroy the Trust once and for all as they probably blame them for the complaints the club recieved about the divisive poppy badge.

Judging from a distance, to me it seems ISSA are very proactive while the trust are reactive - only ever hear of them when they are being called out or some other drama.

Just from what I have witnessed I would back ISSA if it came down to it.


And other similar things the Trust should have just left them alone then maybe it would not have come to this.


Unfortunately I can see the trust trying to hold on to their position.With this being a long slog in which I hope ISSA come out on top . Unless pomlett steps in.

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I am sure I am missing something that has gone before, but anyway, snowflakes wont be left out in the cold, I am definitely more Pedro Mattias than Darren Wrack so I am sure lefties wont just have a wing and a prayer. I have no idea what a luvvie is, but I am sure they can get in on the act.

Hope you are keeping well mate. All the best.

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No they can stay on here or join the trust :wink: