ISSA Important Announcement

Or maybe it’s because threats have been made against both the site and its posters. Tends not to go down well, especially when it’s coming from someone who appears to be using this site to say things he can’t or won’t say on his organisation’s own site.


For those seemingly saying we should not be asking questions and now shut up, I refer you to the original post. Opinions were asked for and you can’t just try to shut them down because they’re not what you were hoping for.

People won’t blindly just support one side. They’ll ask questions about why this is being done.

For what it’s worth I think both groups need to sort this out without trying to get rid of each other and without dragging it all into the public.

I get that ISSA may be frustrated by what they believe is a lack of response to the issue but attempting to leverage their position in this way I don’t agree with.


Maybe somebody can start “STDGAF&JCATF”

Saddlers That Don’t Give A ■■■■ & Just Care About The Football.

Think the abbreviation needs a little work though.

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I’d also suggest that for transparency the DSA part of the website has its committee list shown in the same way ISSA does.

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In all fairness, I don’t think anyone from ISSA is saying shut up, I may have missed it though. I think we are trying to answer questions and concerns. I said somewhere in this thread, we can’t just expect positive feedback, and I still believe that.

There have been some really good points made. Your feedback is welcomed as far as I am concerned, and if I can answer a question, I certainly will, as will Dhforever I am sure.

You might not be. I’m not sure you can speak for all your colleagues.


Was no action though it was a misunderstanding that was quickly sorted out between ISSA and site admins.

It wasn’t you Blazing I was referring to.
There are other posters on here that seem to support ISSA and are seemingly irritated about why the conversation is continuing.

I think ISSA have done great things since forming but I don’t agree with the attempt to take over the Trust.

It seems to me that ISSA have grown frustrated with the issues not being resolved and in an attempt to force movement this decision has been taken With the intent of trying to force the Trust to do something.

You are clearly moving the goalposts here. I was responding to Saddler Steve’s comment about asking people to shut up, which I assumed he was talking about within this thread.

The post you are talking about is from a completely different thread. It was asked to be looked in to. ISSA didn’t remove it. I am happy to engage and answer questions with anyone, but it is going to be difficult to have a meaningful dialogue if you are just going to try and catch me out.

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You only have one person’s word for that. And even he’s made it clear he would have objected more it it hadn’t been the work of an individual. So by his and your reckoning, it’s OK to tell the site reps to shut up, just not individual posters.

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More than one i know others involved with ISSA

It was a satirical take on the original thread. The fact that it was on a different thread is irrelevant. And was taken down as a direct response to an overreaction by the original poster. Goalposts haven’t moved an inch.


I would also point out that anyone who has been on UTS for a period of time will know that the Trust themselves have faced criticism at times from many posters here, myself included. The irony being one of the most vocal has been Exile so if you think he has some agenda to side with the Trust against ISSA you’re very wrong.

Members of the Trust also acted defensively and I seem to remember them not being keen on other new fan groups starting up (Unity). The point is ISSA are not being singled out by posters on UTS it’s just at this moment in time they have done something to be given an opinion on.

There clearly are issues between ISSA and Trust members and it sounds like there’s been some retaliation on both sides. But I think you need to separate criticism on here which is mostly constructive from the spat between the groups.


Your rapidly clutching at straws here mate. Who was the original poster can I ask. I presume you automatically. Think it was me.

Your desire to prolong this thread is taking you over. .

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I reckon we will be more likely to have success setting up.


Saddlers All About Boozing.


I don’t think it is that. This forum is an absolute dinosaur in terms of social media. When it started, Facebook, Twitter and all the rest were mere twinkles in their founders eyes.

That means something. For some of us who are particularly sad it has become part of the fabric of supporting the club. I think it is especially true for us exiles. Try as they might, my scouse friends aren’t overly interested in our new loan signing. So this provides a place to kind of hang out and have a bit of chat which, especially when there is no football, inevitability meanders off onto other stuff. It’s a bit like a virtual “local” that isn’t tied to one of the big breweries. Truly independent in that it is administered and moderated by Walsall fans for Walsall fans. Unlike say Twitter which is moderated by an American somewhere in America who probably hasn’t heard of Walsall FC.

Like all local pubs it gets heated sometimes, even nasty sometimes but on the whole there is a consensus and this little Walsall FC corner of the internet trundles along in its own idiosyncratic and antiquated way.

New folk are always welcome. They are judged by their contribution and from the very outset are an equal partner in whatever conversation is going on.

Sounds odd and sad but all that means something too.

So on the rare occasions that somebody begins threatening this remote corner of cyberspace with legal action or as in the past start going for some of the “locals” there isn’t so much an aggressive defensive reaction, more a bewildered “why would you even consider doing that?” along with time honoured and unlimited by number of characters, search for understanding and truth through conversation. Sometimes longwinded and my word we can do a subject to death on here, but it is a conversation which will persist for as long as anybody wants it to so long as it does it within the site guidelines (which in themselves don’t stymie any debate).

To torture my analogy even further, if you run a local and you give everybody a table and allow them to behave virtually as they wish it comes as a bit of a blow when somebody you have given one of the biggest tables to threatens to shut your pub down. It gets the attention of both the owner and the other locals who quite like their little pub just the way it is and has been for over a quarter of a century. To dissipate that attention and the nooks and crannies it has explored just requires a bit of humility and acceptance because any doubling down will just double down the attention.


Oh, the irony. :joy::joy::joy: From someone ignoring his own organisation’s site to pursue a vendetta through this site. Why is there nothing on the ISSA website about the original announcement?


No-one’s trying to catch you out Blazing. I think people are concerned at the strange and aggressive nature of ISSA in relation to Exile’s satirical post, the threat of legal action against the site owner, the removal of legal action after the post was removed, the rather grandiose withdrawal of pursuing legal action against the poster of the satirical post.

There has been an attempt to explain what happened and various issues regarding the Trust, a different issue really. This has been followed up questions regarding the independence of another group and by a similar kind of threat of action by Ian, who has now disappeared, leaving you to try and valiantly mop up the mess.

There aren’t many fans of the Trust on here, and certainly not me. Looking at it objectively, fans appear to have a choice between the Trust’s incompetence and the litigious over-reactions of ISSA and associates. Not sure which group is fitter for purpose at present.




I think we have a winner!
:beers: :beers: :beers:

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