Issa. Launch direct debit scheme

Independent. Saddlers supporters association

Given the chairmans statement today and asking fan groups to push on with ideas. Both Issa and Walsall supporters for change have took to the club, Issa will be doing the following.

We will early next week hopefully be sitting down with the slo of walsallfc FC, and Alex. From the commercial department to sort out the mechanics of a direct debit scheme Issa will be implementing

It will be open to every single Walsall fan wether a member of any particular fan group or not , and you will be able yo make a regular payment starting from as little as a pound. To no upper limit per month dependent on your own circumstances and level of donation you wish to commit to

Issa will welcome the input of other fan groups if they wish to play a part in our scheme, We will also offer our help and input. Into any other. Fan group led scheme that is set up to aid club.

I would urge all fans to follow the follow the chairmans request today not to accept the. Compensation package. That is to be announced early next And leave your money in the club, If at all possible

Id also urge fans to ignore the rent issue for the time being, That has to be paid wether we help as fans or not, But just remember whatever. Side of the fence you. Sit. If rent could not be furnished. The consequences are unthinkable,

The rent issue can be fought another day, And no doubt our owner will do so when this current crisis is over, But for know it’s all about survival. And as fans let’s come together and help the chairman steer Walsall FC to. Survival,

People say why should we help. When. A certain someone won’t. And my answer is. Yes I detest the freehold scenario with a passion. But It’s our club, , it’s our. Walsall FC. It’s the club we all love, and. It would be unthinkable of it not surviving the crisis it faces at this present time. Don’t be under any illusion. That the club. Is not in danger. It most certainly is. , and I’d much rather. Try to help. Than turn my back on it. Just because of the rent issues , as said that issue. Can be tackled at a later date

Please if you can support this idea please do so it could make all the difference

Full details of how people can get involved will be released next week after consultation with the club


Sure most can support this idea for a few months. £10 a month whats that less than a pint a week to help our club and chairman through this difficult period .


I’m in!

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