ISSA Live interview on WM

Independent Saddlers Supporters Association

Radio WM have picked up on the ISSA and Walsall FC Fan Base initiative regarding the food truck to feed the hardworking NHS staff, who are putting their own lives at risk for others. They are interested to hear how the food truck idea came about, and the positive reaction to it from fans, and people in the local community, including local businesses who have supported the idea. They are also interested to hear about other positive things we do in the community, as well as positively promoting Walsall Football Club in all we do.

Issa Fan liaison officer Colin Plant. will be doing a live on air interview with them tomorrow morning at 8.15 AM (Monday) So please tune in to hear Colin explain how ISSA, the fans and Walsall Football Club came together to make a difference.

On another positive note, we have been informed that people are actually recommending to the powers that be, that ISSA as a group should receive the mayor of Walsall,s Annual Award for Services to the community. It really makes it all worth while to know people are talking about us in such high regard.

Everyone plays their part, these are tough times, everyone should stick together and help each other as much as possible, it’s so pleasing to see that happening, and that we are actually making a difference together. ISSA will continue to strive to make a difference, through these difficult times, until the the return of our beloved Saddlers.

Stay safe and stick together

Mark Cassell -Secretary


Well done ISSA…:clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:…I really mean that…BUT…I am getting a bit bored with your constant proclamations.

Ive only just saw this message…Would love too of had a listen

Any links too it on the tinternet ?

Fair enough, you are of course entitled to your opinion. You can probably blame me personally. There is a lot of real hard work goes in to everything that is done, things don’t just magically happen. Not so much by me, It is part of my job to big them up though, and I do see all the hard work that goes on. It is obviously pleasing to have nice things said about you.

It is also worth saying, that the “proclamations” are always aimed at fans too. ISSA is for every single Walsall fan, whether they are members or not, everyone plays their part.

I wish you well



I think ISSA and you personally are doing a great job.

The club is the town and the town is the club. Or at least that is how it should be. Hasn’t felt like that for a long time but ISSA are making it happen.

Well done.


I personally think that ISSA are doing a great job, at last a fan organisation that puts tremendous effort in creating links with the club, community and importantly the fans!! Keep it up, I wish you all every success, and keep shouting it From the rooftops, Christ any good news is welcomed in the present climate.:+1:

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I think that is how it should be, it has always been my personal opinion that the Club represents the whole Borough of Walsall, not just the Town. I know it doesn’t feel like that at times, that is part of the role ISSA is trying to do, bridge the gap.


You and your lot are doing a fantastic job Mark.

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