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Independent saddlers supporters association

Ref 3 g pitch installation

We have some REALY exiting news to share with you all , the independent Saddlers supporters association , in conjunction with the lmrca railway club wryly digital and Issa FC , are combining to bring to the railway club a state of the art sports facility. I’e. 3 g floodlight pitch

The due diligence checks have been carried out and we have.approached the relevant. Authorities to make them fully aware of our intentions to bring. To the community a top notch sports facility , and we have. On board a sports consultancy firm And specialist companies. Involved in the planning and building of said facilities.

The area To be re developed is the old. Bowling green area and detailed plans. Are being drew up as we speak

Our intention is to deliver a top class. Sporting facility. Within the community, and we intend the. Area to facilitate a number of free football sessions to junior grass roots football teams. As Well
, as being a top notch training facility. To adult teams

We also believe that we. Can. Deliver some free sessions to. The most under privalaged. Kids in the borough of walsall. Who often slip the net due to the financial constraints, and we hope to be able to bridge. This gap. And give them an opportunity under the watchful eyes of ex pros who are. Backing us in this initiative , and we aim to help these kids to the best of our abilities

We will also. Be looking at giving Some free sessions to disabled. Residents from within the bourough I’e walking football etc. As again we wish to. Include all. And we Also plan to include girls and ladies football. Within our wider plans , and see. The venue becoming a multi sports facility

Far to much. To go into. Detailed plans on here. But rest assured it is our aim to deliver a first class. Facility. That will be an asset to the community we all live in , and as said we are. Well into the process of making. Said facility a reality

This is by far the biggest project Issa have been involved in to date. , and we intend to deliver a first class facility. And community asset ,

We already have a close bond with forest star. And are forging. New links. With other junior grass roots teams , and we believe this new planned facility. Will perfectly compliment. The already excellent. Grass pitch and facilities already in place up at railway club. As we look to further. Improve. The footballing infastructure already in place ,

And as always the dream. Remains the same
And that is that a young lad will begin his football journey from the railway facilities. . And progress. To wear that. Famous shirt of Walsall Fc

We have some very special people who believe in our ability to deliver such a project , and again. Will be instrumental in helping us achieve our goal this time round , but as always it’s you. Our members and. The wider fanbase of walsall FC who are just as important in making plans like this come to life. And Due to your continued support. That we are able to undertake. Projects like this

All involved with Issa the lmrca. Issa FC and wyrley. Digital look forward to the journey ahead And we will keep you all updated as we progress through the various stages. Of. Development
A long journey ahead but one We relish


This is fantastic news, Issa have been a breath of fresh air since their introduction 3 or 4 seasons ago.
They said from the start that they’d support grassroots football and hopefully one of the kids they’d helped would put on the shirt of our beloved club, the things they are constantly doing will ensure this happens.
Only Saturday a presentation took place at the Railway before the game to provide a local junior league team with coats for the winter, and then they follow it up with this.
I am proud to be a member of ISSA and applaud everything they do to support the next generation, keep up the good work guys and it won’t be long before that dream of one of our own turning out for our club is accomplished…


Yet another example of the great work that ISSA do. Well done everyone.

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